A Nova Scotia teen is suing the federal government in the name of the environment

A Nova Scotia teen is suing the federal government in the name of the environment

Ira Reinhart-Smith and 14 other youth say their lives are at risk due to dangerous climate change, and want the government to step in to help.
Last month, 15 kids and teenagers filed a lawsuit against the federal government for putting their lives at risk through dangerous climate change.

Being energy efficient is essential to curbing climate breakdown

How Nova Scotia and Canadians can make their footprint smaller—and keep their lives relatively similar
Inefficient systems are everywhere.

Youth lawsuit draws attention to climate crisis

It's time for adults to pull up their socks and do something about the climate.
Children and teens are at a disadvantage. They can’t vote and have little say in many plans and policies that will determine their futures.

Harbour rising: Halifax’s harbourfront in 2100, come hell or high-water

Between ice age dynamics and global heating, Halifax Harbour is rising faster than most coastal waters around the world and putting billions worth of buildings at risk.
As the eye of Hurricane Dorian spun around Halifax Harbour like a cocoon, it could have been any other grey day in Nova Scotia—were it not for the building floating in the water in Herring Cove.

Halifax's apartment buildings are a trash-sorting dumpster fire, residents say

Some residents say they’re fed up with putting in the work only for others to come along and ruin it.
L iving in an apartment building can have its benefits.

The federal election is over; time to get to work

"We need all political representatives to cast aside their differences and work together to solve this challenge."
The election may be over, but there’s no time to be complacent.

The alarming links between climate, ocean and cryosphere

What happens when the ocean takes the brunt—about 90 percent—of global heating.
We’ve been dumping oil, plastic, toxic chemicals, radioactive sludge, sewage and fishing gear into the ocean for decades.

Joan Kuyek’s book Unearthing Justice is a light in the darkness

Mining is a profitable, destructive and increasingly secretive industry.
When author and activist Joan Kuyek moved to Sudbury, Ontario, she noticed unusual surroundings.

Undermined in the Town of Westville

How local organizers and international activists made a traditional mining town change its tune.
On September 30, in the town Westville, Nova Scotia—155 kilometres from Halifax—town councillor Lynn MacDonald surprised even herself when she put forward a motion to take back a proposal for exploratory coal mining on town land.

Suzuki says: 'Vote for climate solutions'

It's the last week before the election—what issue are you voting for?
Although the only discussion now should be about solutions and how to implement them quickly, some people in and out of the political sphere still refuse to accept the massive amounts of evidence for human-caused global heating and the need to address it.

How the federal parties are campaigning for the climate

For voters looking to put the planet first at the polls, here's what you should know.
On September 27, the last Friday of the month, 10,000 Haligonians marched through the streets of Halifax calling on politicians to act on climate change.

How Halifax composts 50,000 tonnes of material a year.

From banana peel to airport-garden soil: the nitty gritty on the municipality’s decomposition disposition.
H alifax has been composting since before it was cool, way back in 1998.

A guide to finding Nova Scotia’s best fall foliage

Paint the town red (and orange and gold) with this guide to finding the full spectrum of autumn’s colours.
Autumn is arguably the most visually stunning season of the year in Nova Scotia.

Tackling climate change means purging privilege from politics

'If we care about the climate, we must care about justice. That means heeding Indigenous youth and the elders who inspire them.'
Our national political arena often seems dominated by unproductive partisan potshots and misplaced accountability, with corporate interests prioritized over people’s. Behind the noisy partisan sniping, a quiet majority—70 to 75 percent of Canadians—is largely disengaged from politics, according to McAllister Opinion Research.

"Less silence, more science"—photos from Halifax's climate strike

Over 10,000 people took to the streets last Friday, including Coast photographer Lenny Mullins.

Thousands of Halifax climate strikers demand action

“I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing this for my generation."
Generations flooded the streets of Halifax as thousands of Nova Scotians united on Friday afternoon to call out government inaction and make their voices heard. The main event of K'jipuktuk- Halifax Sept Climate Action Week, strikers marched throughout the city and died-in at Nova Scotia Power before reaching their final destination: City Hall.

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