The K'jipuktuk-Halifax Week of Climate Action kicks off with interfaith gathering and climate action rally

The K'jipuktuk-Halifax Week of Climate Action kicks off with interfaith gathering and climate action rally

Hundreds of Haligonians gather to mourn the destruction caused by climate change and request government action.
Hundreds of Haligonians gathered at Grand Parade Square on Friday to mourn the destruction caused by climate change and request government action.  

‘We are seeing the beginnings of the era of climate barbarism’

The No Logo author Naomi Klein talks about solutions to the climate crisis, Greta Thunberg, birth strikes and how she finds hope
Do you feel encouraged by talk of the Green New Deal? I feel a tremendous excitement and a sense of relief, that we are finally talking about solutions on the scale of the crisis we face.

Halifax youth are dying-in and marching out in the name of climate change action

Halifax’s chapter of national climate action week has some serious young guns
On a Friday afternoon in February, 17-year-old Citadel High School students Willa Fisher and Julia Sampson stood among the 300 hundred youth they'd organized chanting for Halifax's first Fridays for Future student strike.

Lessons we can learn from Hurricane Dorian

What Hurricane Dorian can teach us about protecting the most vulnerable, and postponing the inevitable.
When Hurricane Dorian hit Nova Scotia on September 7 as a post-tropical storm, it reminded many of destructive Hurricane Juan.

9 ways to show your climate concern in Halifax this week

Get aware and get involved at Halifax's week of climate action events
Interfaith gathering and climate action rally

'Like a sunburn on your lungs': How does the climate crisis impact health?

Children, pregnant women and the elderly are the most at risk from extreme weather and heat–but the impact is already felt across every specialty of medicine.
This story originally appeared in The Guardian.

Haligonians are composting almost twice as much as they are recycling

A look at where your garbage ends up after it leaves the curb, and just how much of it ends up there.
A ccording to HRM, residents disposed of an average of 380 kg of waste in 2017-18.

Connecting the dots between the climate and biodiversity crises

Although they intersect, the ecological emergency driving species extinction and the climate crisis can’t be entirely conflated.
The polar bear has become the poster child for climate change impacts in the Arctic.

Fracked gas heats the planet, but supporters say it’s a solution

Say it with me: no fracking way
The best way to address climate disruption is…burn more fossil fuels?

Environment and Sustainability committee to consider Electric Vehicle infrastructure

Charging stations and electric city vehicles could be coming to Halifax
Almost two years after asking staff to figure out what Halifax can do to make the city more electric-car friendly, HRM’s environment and sustainability standing committee will see what’s being proposed. 

Should we let the children vote?

Adults have been making bad decisions for centuries, maybe it's time for change.
Young people have been speaking out for their rights.

Why right whale extinction is on the horizon

Despite the attention paid to every death, we can’t figure out how to save right whales from our deadly waters.
Tonya Wimmer has gotten used to being the bearer of bad news.

What can we do about endangered species?

Captive breeding programs are simply not enough.
BC is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a captive breeding program to protect spotted owls.

New IPCC report flags diet and land-use changes to curb climate chaos

Suggests planting trees, eating less meat and reforming agricultural practices
Land and agriculture are critical components in the climate crisis. According to a new Inter

Deniers deflated as climate reality hits home

As it gets harder to deny the reality of climate change, ridiculous claims and agendas arise
Climate science deniers are becoming desperate as their numbers diminish in the face of incontrovertible evidence that human-caused global warming is putting our future at risk.

Nova Scotia’s golden addiction to toxic mining

As one government department spends millions to clean up polluted sites from previous gold rushes, another department’s involved in making the next gold rush happen.
David Clark remembers where he was the day the trouble started.

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