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Eight hot tips to make your life in HRM a little bit better 

Act like you’ve been here since the beginning of time

Want to know the streets well? Ask a cabbie. - ANISA FRANCOEUR
  • Want to know the streets well? Ask a cabbie.
  • Anisa Francoeur

Victoria Road turns into the 101.
Before Catherine Phoenix told me that, every car trip to the Valley began with me fretting over maps online and on the table, trying to figure out the best way to go: Bedford, the 102 to Sackville? Now I zip over either bridge, knowing my path is clear.  —JK

In Dartmouth, Main Street turns into the 107. If you're heading out to Martinique Beach. —Troy Forbes

The Willow Tree is the five-way intersection at Robie and Quinpool Streets.
Many years ago a large willow tree was there, then it died or was knocked down and two other willows were planted, one in 2014 and one in 2015; neither survived. "Willow Tree" is still used in radio traffic reports to describe that intersection. And it's the name of a proposed 29-storey Armco tower.  —JK

The north end is not dangerous.
When I moved to the north end people told me, "you should never walk home alone at night." But over time I realized people here are really lovely and there are really nice cats. I started walking home later from school, and I lived there 15 years and never had problems.   —Lisa Tondino

Dartmouth is the Brooklyn of Halifax.
Dartmouth used to be called "The Darkside" by everybody, but anybody still doing that is behind the times because Dartmouth is now the bright side. There are cute and hip cafes and restaurants and shops all over the place, with less angst and idiocy than Halifax. Great walks and bike trails. Geese at Sullivan's Pond! I've been here five years and wouldn't leave.  —Robyn Badger

The Third beach at Crystal Crescent is the nude/gay beach.
Nudies at Crystal Crescent's third beach politely segregate themselves into straight (the north end) and gay (the south end). You'll often see the naturists' children, as all activities taking place at the beach are PG-13 and wholesome. The same should not be assumed about the bushes that are about 100 yards further on. —Norval Collins

Oscar Wilde stayed at the Waverley Inn 1882.
The famous Irish gay poet, right? He was here for a stopover while on tour. You can sleep in his room! Ask for room 122.  —Dan MacKay

Something that taxi drivers know
On the peninsula, for north-south streets, addresses on the harbour side are odd numbers; those on the land side are even. There are more taxi bits of wisdom; something to talk about with your driver. —JK

The Old Bridge is the Macdonald.
It was stupid give the bridges similar names: Macdonald and MacKay. They're often called the Old Bridge and the New Bridge. Which is which? Old MacDonald had a farm. Leaving the new bridge: MacKay. (Also faster with a 70kph speed limit as opposed to the 50kph on the Old Bridge.) — JK

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