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Darrin Rose: My Dad's Other Son Sure Thing

When: Fri., Sept. 12, 8 p.m. 2014
Price: $25/$17 (advance)
After a few patio beers with Canadian comedian and actor Darrin Rose, things get hilarious. 
 “I live off the Hollywood Walk of Fame now and I see all the celebrity impersonators taking smoke breaks in the alleys,” laughs Rose, from Oshawa but now based in L.A., “Like, the Pirate Johnny Depp unwrapping a sandwich he packed from home. They’re unpaid jobs! They’re not on any clock.”
 Finishing up his fourth season on CBC's *Mr. D*, shot this summer in Halifax, Rose gives me the highlight reel of his gigs on Craig Ferguson's *Late Late Show*, *The Match Game*, *Video on Trial* and his national 10-date comedy tour, *My Dad's Other Son*, which opens this Friday at The Neptune Theatre. 
 “I've been doing this for 12 years,” he says, squinting into the sun, "People ask me why I started stand-up. I say it's a desperate need for attention. And I was the nerd black sheep in a blue collar family.” 
 At six-two and handsome, I’d never guess Rose was once a wimpy loser. He openly admits not hitting puberty until he was 17: “I guess you could say I was a late-bloomer, yeah.” Raised by his single-dad and brother, “two tough guys,” Rose used humour to cope with being an outsider in his own family, which is the theme of his live show, and the basis of a CTV series he's drafting with Jonathan Torrens. 
 “If you're some sort of outcast and you don't think you're cool, you spend a lot more time thinking about things,” he says of developing his comedy career after years in business, “I think you learn how to be funny by not being cool. So, something I had no control over largely determined the course of my life. You think you're making real choices but no, we really do live in The Matrix. The Architect was right.” —Adria Young


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