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Countdown to Extinction 

Wow. Going out every night this week and then trying to go to work each day is reallly taking its toll. Subsequently, I slept through the Just Friends brunch this morning at Gus's Pub. Hope it was delicious.

So I finally saw a show at the Pavillion last night. Man, what a great place. The all ages shows I grew up going to were held in rented rec-center halls. The first punk rock show I saw (AFI and dbs) was at Seylynn Hall in North Van - there was a pre-school there during the day. Soooo where the fuck was everyone last night?? 50 people...just 50 people there to see Attack in Black. This band was on the cover of Exclaim!, have been getting rave reviews for their album Marriage and now they have a video on the Much Music Countdown. Paul Brothers from Going Coastal told me there were only 15 people at their show the night before that, so I guess we one upped somebody. Anyway, it was rad and you all missed out.

After a wet walk down to the Marquee I settled into a more subdued night. Orillia Opry started the night on a rather slow note. The band was noteworthy only for the bored look on the face of their female singer and the young Willie Nelson look of her male counterpart. I don't really remember much about them other than that, so take from that what you want. Brent Randall and His Pinecones were in fine form, playing there terrific pop songs decked out in some great mustard yellow jackets. Between these and the vague George Harrison look of Brent Randall himself gave the group a bit of a Sgt Pepper vibe going. From what I've heard on Dog Day's myspace page, they're a terrific band. Unfortunately the mix for the group was particularly shitty last night, with only the bass and drums audible. I really hope to see them again to get a better idea of their live show.

Downstairs in Hell's Kitchen the Museum Pieces attracted a huge crowd who stuck around to see Wil who impressed a lot of people, including myself, and I usually hate the male acoustic guitar b.s. But again - where were all you people when Small Sins played on Thursday?

I expressed my feelings on In Flight Safety in my post yesterday, but I've got to admit, they were pretty spot on last night, even if all there songs do sound the same (interestingly enough, I saw this band Longwave five years ago who were pegged as the next Strokes that sounded like a sped up version of In Flight Safety).

Tonight’s the big Eric’s Trip reunion show and I hope everyone’s out to see it. Make sure to show up early enough to see Vancouver’s Pride Tiger. Three of them used to be in 3 Inches of Blood, who sounded exactly like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden (in a good way). Now they play in a band that sounds just like Thin Lizzy (in a good way). Be warned kids!

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