There’s nothing spontaneous about a night out in Halifax for someone who uses a mobility device

There’s nothing spontaneous about a night out in Halifax for someone who uses a mobility device

From stairs to small stalls, Halifax's bars and clubs are full of barriers to accessibility.
It's been two years since Vicky Levack has gone dancing—like proper dancing.

Take the Sex and Dating Survey and heat winter up

Our anonymous love-life poll is a safe place to share secrets.

Which Halifax bars and clubs are accessible—and which ones aren't

A non-exhuastive list of the bars and their barriers.
How accessible are Halifax’s dancefloors?

Ridesharing companies are getting uber-close to their Halifax debut

But approval from the province could put a snag in the process.
Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are one step closer to hitting the streets of Halifax now that new regulations for vehicles-for-hire have passed through regional council, but concerns about safety are still on the table.

Sneckdowns are doing the work so Halifax planners don’t have to

When snow + cars = a case for narrower roads and wider sidewalks
Although snowy roads can inconvenience and annoy drivers, they're pretty exciting for John Kyle.

A first-of-its-kind queer STEM conference is in Halifax this weekend

QAtCanSTEM Colloquium hopes to connect and highlight queer voices in Atlantic Canada.

HRM’s shopping centres are a no-go zone for folks with accessibility needs.

Poor design at Bayers Lake and Dartmouth Crossing is putting people at risk and costing businesses money.

Advocates says province's affordable housing approach isn’t good enough

There are 40,000 NS households that spend 30 percent or more of their income on shelter.
Advocates say the province is taking the wrong approach in its quest to cut homelessness and make housing more affordable.

Small tax rate increase, more debt to fund all of Halifax's hopes and dreams for 2020/21

As budget talks continue councillors are happy with low tax increase—but still want more things.
Regional council kicked off the new year with budget talks this week.

Nova Scotia is behind in shifting the cost of recycling onto companies

Nova Scotian consumers are paying twice as a result
A new recycling model aims to make manufacturers responsible for processing products at end of life, rather than taxpayers.

Top photos of 2019

Our favourite images of the year–curated by Team Coast
February 7: The fabric of Letitia Fraser The North Preston painter showcases her roots, and her community, through her exhibit Mommay's Patches: Tradtions & Superstitions.

Winter is here, are HRM’s sidewalk clearing contractors ready for it?

Here’s hoping the city can handle another winter of snow-ice-rain-repeat.
S now has officially fallen on the streets of Halifax.

Food insecurity isn’t a holiday tradition, it’s an all-year thing.

Nova Scotia needs more than a a bandaid solution and seasonal giving for the food insecure.
During their busiest time of the year, it's important to acknowledge that food banks are not the cure to food insecurity in Nova Scotia.

Mi’kmaq scholar Daniel Paul on the Boat Harbour closure

Premier McNeil’s decision to uphold Boat Harbour Act marks an important shift.
In the week before Christmas, many Nova Scotians were filled with uncertainty and dread in the lead-up to premier Stephen McNeil's Boat Harbour decision, but Daniel Paul wasn't one of them. The 81-year-old Mi'kmaq elder and author says he wasn't surprised when the premier, despite pleas from mill executives and forestry workers, said he would enforce legislation that requires the Northern Pulp mill to stop pumping effluent into Boat Harbour near Pictou by January 31, 2020.

2019 Year in review

All the stories that broke our hearts and broke the internet in Halifax this year. From viral cranes to growing pains and everything in between.
Dorian and the crane

Home run! HRM says yes to $20 million for a CFL stadium in the municipality.

Schooners Sports and Entertainment carry the puck over the blue line with a three-on-one breakaway to secure conditional funding.
D eja vu—is that you?

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Building a better Mooseheads


Building a better Mooseheads

posted by STEPHEN KIMBER, Apr 5/18

For three years, the Halifax Mooseheads junior hockey club has been crafting a team to host—and win—the 2019 Memorial Cup. But what if it’s built too well too soon? comments      0

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