Young people make up the largest bloc of voters in Canada’s upcoming federal election

Young people make up the largest bloc of voters in Canada’s upcoming federal election

Here’s how they’re finding strength in numbers.
On October 21, thousands of Halifax youth will be flooding the polls and voting for the first time.

How the federal parties are campaigning for the climate

For voters looking to put the planet first at the polls, here's what you should know.
On September 27, the last Friday of the month, 10,000 Haligonians marched through the streets of Halifax calling on politicians to act on climate change.

One way, together

The Halifax Wanderers bring together their coach and players for a conversation about culture, immigration and the universal language of soccer.
Together From Aways

How to vote in Halifax for the Federal Election

Vote early, vote by mail, vote on election day, whatever you do, vote!
I f you're a Canadian citizen and 18 years old by October 21, you can vote in the federal election.

How Halifax composts 50,000 tonnes of material a year.

From banana peel to airport-garden soil: the nitty gritty on the municipality’s decomposition disposition.
H alifax has been composting since before it was cool, way back in 1998.

City’s affordable housing fund to get it’s first taste of cash

The pre-centre plan Willow Tree development to funnel $1.8 Million into the fund.
The Centre Plan's fund for affordable housing will get its first influx of money after council voted Tuesday to approve a honking $1.8 million from Armco development group for the Willow Tree development on Quinpool Road and Robie Street.

Three sidewalk vigilantes who can’t wait for the city to figure out what to do about sidewalk safety

Doug Carleton, Matt Spurway and Martyn Williams
I t's as easy as look left, look right, they say.

A seat at regional council is up for grabs in Lower Sackville, meet who is in the running

Candidates told The Coast their thoughts on local issues from transit to housing, and Halifax’s official food.
What's the #1 job of a HRM councillor?

Province’s feet-dragging on endangered species has landed it in court.

Group alleges minister Iain Rankin had failed to conduct his duties under the province’s Endangered Species Act.
Against the backdrop of a week marked by international climate conversations and action, a group of Nova Scotians who care about the natural environment and keeping it protected took the province's minister of lands and forestry to court over what the group says is a failure to uphold the Nova Scotia's Endangered Species Act.

Lessons we can learn from Hurricane Dorian

What Hurricane Dorian can teach us about protecting the most vulnerable, and postponing the inevitable.
When Hurricane Dorian hit Nova Scotia on September 7 as a post-tropical storm, it reminded many of destructive Hurricane Juan.

9 ways to show your climate concern in Halifax this week

Get aware and get involved at Halifax's week of climate action events
Interfaith gathering and climate action rally

Sexual exploitation conference calls for more attention to the “root” of the problem

Organizer says there’s a lack of focus on holding traffickers themselves accountable.
A conference being held by Saint Mary's University's criminology department on September 14 promises to bring fresh perspectives to the topic of sexual exploitation in Nova Scotia and beyond.

Connecting the dots between the climate and biodiversity crises

Although they intersect, the ecological emergency driving species extinction and the climate crisis can’t be entirely conflated.
The polar bear has become the poster child for climate change impacts in the Arctic.

How food insecure are Nova Scotia’s university students?

With the highest rates in the country, Cassie Hayward thinks more education can make a difference.
In an effort to listen to young voices when making policies, the United Nations is assembling the first global youth-led council to collaboratively strengthen resilience, food security and nutrition.

Avalon Sexual Assault centre is underfunded, overwhelmed and stalled on best steps forward

Conflict between front-line staff and board members has led to a call for unionizing
There's not much the board and staff at Avalon Sexual Assault Centre agree on these days.

Eight hot tips to make your life in HRM a little bit better

Act like you’ve been here since the beginning of time
Victoria Road turns into the 101.

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Building a better Mooseheads

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