Moving beyond Nova Scotia’s street check ban

Moving beyond Nova Scotia’s street check ban

Finally, police can’t just stop people under the guise of street checks any more. Will banning one racist tactic change the systemic issues that have pained Halifax’s Black community for decades?
Just days after the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission delivered its landmark report on street checks last March, DeRico Symonds took to the streets.

A Nova Scotia teen is suing the federal government in the name of the environment

Ira Reinhart-Smith and 14 other youth say their lives are at risk due to dangerous climate change, and want the government to step in to help.
Last month, 15 kids and teenagers filed a lawsuit against the federal government for putting their lives at risk through dangerous climate change.

Being energy efficient is essential to curbing climate breakdown

How Nova Scotia and Canadians can make their footprint smaller—and keep their lives relatively similar
Inefficient systems are everywhere.

Forget DIY–Let IKEA Canada and TaskRabbit Assemble Your Life

Less assembling means more living
You’ve captured the layout and design, you know which furniture and fixings you want to put on display, and the final step to setting up your space is actually finding the time of day to put it all together.

Harbour rising: Halifax’s harbourfront in 2100, come hell or high-water

Between ice age dynamics and global heating, Halifax Harbour is rising faster than most coastal waters around the world and putting billions worth of buildings at risk.
As the eye of Hurricane Dorian spun around Halifax Harbour like a cocoon, it could have been any other grey day in Nova Scotia—were it not for the building floating in the water in Herring Cove.

Halifax's apartment buildings are a trash-sorting dumpster fire, residents say

Some residents say they’re fed up with putting in the work only for others to come along and ruin it.
L iving in an apartment building can have its benefits.

“Get over it, menstruation is normal” says Halifax councillor Lisa Blackburn

City to look closer at making menstrual products available in all HRM facilities
Staff will take another crack at figuring out how to provide free menstrual products in all HRM facilities, after councillor Lorelei Nicoll—who first brought the issue to council—said the initial pilot project presented this week could do more, and perhaps even cost less.

Still no booze allowed on Dalhousie campus

Few answers from the powers that be on why alcohol has been prohibited, and no word of if it will return.
Editor's Note: On November 1, 2019, most alcohol services were restored on Dalhousie University’s Halifax campuses.

It’s time for housing options to get better for people with developmental disabilities advocates say

Parents of children with autism say it's time people looked at the housing crisis from another perspective.

Dalhousie campus pubs can't serve booze anymore

And no one seems to know exactly why
The future of alcohol on Dalhousie's Halifax campuses is on hold with the Dalhousie Student Union and the school both giving different reasons for the current alcohol suspension.

Halifax regional council keeps CFL stadium plans on the table for a little while longer

Councillor Sam Austin’s motion to dump it all together is defeated. It will live to see another day.
C ouncillor Sam Austin asked his colleagues this week to consider pulling the plug on the Shannon Park stadium plan from Schooner Sports and Entertainment before council hears back from staff about the proposal—originally requested by council a year ago.

Undermined in the Town of Westville

How local organizers and international activists made a traditional mining town change its tune.
On September 30, in the town Westville, Nova Scotia—155 kilometres from Halifax—town councillor Lynn MacDonald surprised even herself when she put forward a motion to take back a proposal for exploratory coal mining on town land.

Pushing beyond the glass ceilings of BIPOC political representation

What significance does representation have in the country’s highest office?
I was asked to reflect on the lack of people of colour running in the four federal ridings in Halifax Regional Municipality.

Young people make up the largest bloc of voters in Canada’s upcoming federal election

Here’s how they’re finding strength in numbers.
On October 21, thousands of Halifax youth will be flooding the polls and voting for the first time.

How the federal parties are campaigning for the climate

For voters looking to put the planet first at the polls, here's what you should know.
On September 27, the last Friday of the month, 10,000 Haligonians marched through the streets of Halifax calling on politicians to act on climate change.

How to vote in Halifax for the Federal Election

Vote early, vote by mail, vote on election day, whatever you do, vote!
I f you're a Canadian citizen and 18 years old by October 21, you can vote in the federal election.

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