The amnesty agenda for cannabis

The amnesty agenda for cannabis

Last-minute announcement promises quicker and cheaper path to expunging pot-possession charges.
Joining the list of things that used to be illegal and aren’t anymore—featuring margarine, Sunday shopping, alcohol and the right to vote for anyone who isn’t a white male—is cannabis.

Unendorsed Nocturne exhibit vandalizes Halifax waterfront

Cutout display in defence of John A. MacDonald in direct defiance of art exhibition’s anti-colonial theme.
An anonymous photo-booth cutout of John A. MacDonald was drilled down into the Halifax waterfront during Nocturne last Saturday night, standing for a brief period in opposition to the art festival’s anti-colonialism theme.

Vaccinations a struggle without family doctor

One Nova Scotian woman is frustrated by the lack of primary care options for her child.
When Jennifer Fox moved to Nova Scotia in 2015, she, like many other Nova Scotians, requested to be put on a waiting list for a family doctor.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Will the world act on climate change before it’s too late?

It’s time to decide—and to hold all politicians to account.
When our children and grandchildren and those of us still here in 20 years look back to this time, will we say it was when the world finally got serious about the climate crisis?

Injured cyclist wants stronger protection for all road users

Stewart Rand says change is needed in Nova Scotia's new Traffic Safety Act.
“The message that I got was I should be content that I wasn’t killed,” says Stewart Rand.

UPDATE: No affordable housing for new Cogswell district?

As Halifax uses every planning tool possible to try and create more affordable housing, the city’s biggest new neighbourhood might not have a single unit.
Halifax spokesperson Nick Ritcey responds to this article in an email to The Coast, saying the final decision on affordable housing has not yet been made: “The implication that affordable housing will not be included within the Cogswell district is incorrect.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Protecting the complex web of life should be the priority

Society needs transparent, explicit decision-making around how public money is spent to reduce risk to species
News that Environment and Climate Change Canada is considering “priority threat management” to assess endangered species is troubling.

The inevitability of Uber

The Silicon Valley juggernaut wants to take over our streets. Halifax shouldn't be so excited about it.
Ask anyone and they’ll tell you it’s the way of the future.

Heritage status sought for Dennis Building

Province argues it will impede development of the historic downtown property.
Halifax’s Heritage Advisory Committee voted this week to move forward with a third-party application for preserving the historic Dennis Building, going against the wishes of the property’s owner—the province.

Shambhala financial show cash-flow problem

A monthly shortfall of donations intensified over the summer, but an internal report stops short of naming Buddhist Project Sunshine as part of the cause.
A chartered accountant in Halifax with experience in the finances of religious institutions sees cause for concern in the latest financial update from Shambhala Global Services to its membership

Science Matters: Get outside and save the world

It’s tragic that so many “leaders” fail to understand their connection with nature or appreciate its importance and intricate beauty
Renowned biologist Edward O. Wilson says to protect nature, people must regain their innate love for it.

Still vacant after all these years

What’s with the historic empty house at 5517 Spring Garden Road?
Bernie Smith didn’t want to see 5517 Spring Garden Road demolished. More than 10 years ago, the former executive director of the Spring Garden Area Business Association came up with a plan to try and save the last Victorian house on Halifax’s busiest retail street.

Tenants organize against Park Victoria’s pest problem

CAPREIT’s response to infestation of cockroaches and bed bugs slammed by renters as ‘evasive’ and ineffective.
Tenants at Park Victoria are fed up with broken promises to resolve an infestation of pests including ants, cockroaches and bed bugs throughout the south end apartment building Yoon Park, a long-time tenant at 1333 South Park Street, has been living with the problem for weeks inside his apartment.

Anti-abortion centre targets trafficking victims

Open Door opens itself up to criticism from local justice advocate.
Open Door Women’s Care Centre on Spring Garden Road is once again under scrutiny—this time from an advocate for victims of human trafficking. When The Coast first reported on Open Door back in 2014, it was because the self-identified “faith-based” organization had taken out a series of bus ads that veiled the centre’s anti-abortion policy behind the promise of accurate and informed counselling on pregnancy options.

SCIENCE MATTERS: A butterfly-friendly balm for turbulent times

We should celebrate the collective impact that thousands of gardeners, rangers, citizens, businesses, bureaucrats and politicians can have when we dig in.
In these turbulent political times, inspirational stories are more important than ever.

Micro grow-op, dispensary supporters say new cannabis land-use rules too strict

Council unanimously voted in favour of the new cannabis land-use restrictions after a public hearing on Tuesday.
It's not the most contentious of HRM's new cannabis bylaws, but it still has its critics.

Halifax doubles down on consultants

City hall’s budget for external reports has more than doubled, after underestimating consultant costs from last year.
Halifax Regional Municipality has nearly doubled the amount of money it spends on consultants, according to an analysis of the approved 2018-19 budget, but whether the city is getting what it pays for is harder to determine.

SCIENCE MATTERS: We must heed storm warnings to build a brighter future

Worried about the impacts of climate change on coastal development opportunities, politicians are instead banning policies based on the forecasts.
In 2012, North Carolina’s Coastal Resources Commission warned that sea levels there could rise by a metre over the next century.

Sometimes a bad professor is just a bad professor

Not every dismissed ideologue is a free speech martyr.
Higher learning institutions have become central to the current debate around freedom of expression.

Algae a blooming problem in Nova Scotia lakes

Harmful blue-green bacteria “seems worse and worse each year,” says Dalhousie researcher.
The headlines are frequent and ominous.

Cigarette smoking still restricted on Halifax property

Councillors say whatever they come up with to deal with cannabis legalization, it will probably be the wrong choice.
Regional council defeated a motion Tuesday that would have exempted tobacco from the city’s new anti-smoking bylaw.

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