Claiming a seat at the table

Claiming a seat at the table

A reflection on poetry, violence and Black liberation.
At its core, this essay is an act of healing. I have written it for myself, as a reflection on my time with the western canon, and as an assertion to myself and to the world that my voice has value.

Offshore drilling a recipe for disaster

Blowout risks are 10 to 100 times worse than BP Canada's predictions, says international engineering expert.
Robert Bea is a professor emeritus at the Center for Catastrophic Risk Management at the University of California Berkeley.

Mining group pays school kids to film propaganda

Lobbyist organization has been handing out cash prizes to students who creating commercials promoting the mining industry, with some help from Nova Scotia's MLAs.
For the past four years, the Mining Association of Nova Scotia (MANS) has been making its way into local schools, encouraging junior high and high school students to create homemade commercials about mining and enlisting political leaders to award cash prizes for the top submissions. Sean Kirby, MANS’ executive director, says the “Mining Rocks” video contest is one way the lobbyist group tries to “do a better job of explaining ourselves and do a better job offering factual information to the public about the industry.”

SCIENCE MATTERS: Degree sparks necessary debate

If a university, especially one in the heart of oil country, isn’t the place to air a range of ideas about the consequences of profligate fossil fuel use, we should be worried about the future of academic inquiry.
Shortly after completing my PhD in the U.S., I taught in the University of Alberta’s genetics department.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Curbing industry’s methane emissions gives Canada a leading edge

Canada has taken a major step in cleaning up its oil and gas sector.

Early designs for NSLC cannabis locations draws criticism

One potential supplier is slamming specs for joint alcohol-cannabis stores, but the province says it's all set to change.
One of the potential suppliers for NSLC’s new cannabis stores says the closed-off retail design being constructed does little to reduce taboos around the soon-to-be-legalized drug. Mock-ups for the retail cannabis stores were included in a PowerPoint presentation shown to potential suppliers in March, a copy of which was provided to The Coast.

The once and future Pavilion

Plans are still being finalized for what sort of shiny new performance space will replace the iconic all-ages venue.
It’s Saturday night at the Pavilion and music fans of all ages have gathered for the kind of performance most of the young crowd wouldn’t usually be able to attend if it was at any other space in town.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Cutting through polluted public discourse

“We’re not going to get off fossil fuels overnight!” How many times have you heard that?

SCIENCE MATTERS: Better vehicle standards drive innovation and benefit citizens

Transportation accounts for about a quarter of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, making it the second-highest source, slightly behind the oil and gas industry.

Rolling out the red carpet

The Liberal Party of Canada comes to Argyle Street for this weekend’s national convention, just in time for both provincial and federal Party members to do some soul-searching.
Argyle Street will be painted red this weekend.

Running through trauma

Only 18 months after being hit by a truck and dragged 66 metres, Lauren Goodyear had made it her goal to run the Bluenose half-marathon.
Lauren Goodyear left her house that night, back in 2016, for her usual run. When the 21-year-old came to the intersection of Dartmouth Road and the Bedford Highway, she looked both ways, turned off her music, checked the street again and started to cross.

No closure in Randy Riley murder trial

After a conviction of second-degree murder, families grieve and advocates call for justice reforms.
As Randy Riley got up to exit the courtroom for the last time in his first-degree murder trial, he blew a kiss to his aunt, who blew a kiss back.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Kinder Morgan pipeline controversy proves need to shift course

On March 31, an underwater pipeline carrying oil to a refinery in Balikpapan, Indonesia, broke, spreading crude over 20,000 hectares of Balikpapan Bay.

Family man

Stay-at-home dad, father of three boys and the province’s only male doula, Kelly Carrington is a role model for a new and better masculinity.
Kelly Carrington's black dreadlocks curtain over big, broad shoulders.

Gentrifying Blackness in Halifax's inner city

Where will I say I'm from when this place no longer exists?
Agricola, North, Barrington and Cogswell Streets were my old boundaries—my safe place, my sanctuary, my community, my hood.

Crown witness confesses to murder during testimony

Nathan Johnson tells Halifax courtroom he was the one who killed Donald Chad Smith in 2010, and not the man who’s on trial—Randy Desmond Riley.

A bizarre twist in a first-degree murder trial saw a Crown witness take the stand, only to confess to the murder in question, saying the man accused had nothing to do with the crime. Randy Desmond Riley, 27, is charged with killing Donald Chad Smith in 2010 with a sawed-off shotgun after Smith was called to a residence in his job as a pizza delivery man.

Bull-riding event draws animal welfare protest

Over 68,000 have signed online petition urging the Scotiabank Centre to cancel Professional Bull Riders' upcoming tour date.
Despite public backlash and calls to cancel the event, professional bull riding is set to visit Halifax this spring.

Bridge commission impossible

Why is it so hard to view the minutes from Halifax Harbour Bridges' board meetings?
It was late January when I first approached Halifax Harbour Bridges trying to obtain a copy of the Crown corporation’s board minutes.

Anna Thematic is genderqueer royalty

The reality of being a trans drag performer in Halifax.
If you think of queer culture, one of the first things to come to mind—for better or worse—is drag. It’s a performance art that engages with and subverts gender norms, says local genderqueer drag performer Anna Thematic.

Science Matters: Reports emphasize urgent need to reverse biodiversity decline

Our health, well-being, food security, energy and economic progress depend on healthy, diverse nature.

Building a better Mooseheads

For three years, the Halifax Mooseheads junior hockey club has been crafting a team to host—and win—the 2019 Memorial Cup. But what if it’s built too well too soon?
I f you ask Bobby Smith to choose his "more rewarding experience"—winning the 2013 Memorial Cup championship as the up-in-the-stands owner of the Halifax Mooseheads major junior hockey team, or hoisting the 1986 Stanley Cup as an on-the-ice star with the legendary National Hockey League Montreal Canadiens—he answers surprisingly but without hesitation.

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Building a better Mooseheads


Building a better Mooseheads

posted by STEPHEN KIMBER, Apr 5/18

For three years, the Halifax Mooseheads junior hockey club has been crafting a team to host—and win—the 2019 Memorial Cup. But what if it’s built too well too soon? comments      0

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