Sharing your stories from here, anywhere

Sharing your stories from here, anywhere

How are you feeling? What's your routine? Who are you clinging to? The Coast makes it easy to share your coronavirus experience.

Tune in to 25 for 25, The Coast's anniversary podcast

Each episode looks at a different year in Halifax history from 1993 to now.
[2020 note from the editors: Since you're in self-isolation but want to keep feeling connected to your city, now's the perfect time to binge on The Coast's original podcast that we created back in 2018 to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Abortion classified as an essential service in Nova Scotia

The women’s choice clinic and provincial helpline will continue to operate.
That's it. That's the whole story.

Having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card

You can now get a Halifax Public Libraries card from the comfort of your couch.
Arthur said it first. We're saying it second.

Pause the presses

This is the last of our weekly newspaper for a while, but reporting will continue at
The Coast has never experienced anything like this.

Coronavirus explained

What even is a virus? What’s with flattening the curve? How does it spread? Answers to some of your COVID-19 questions
Life in the time of coronavirus is changing rapidly.

Now's the time to look out for small business in Halifax

Social isolation is leading to layoffs and losses for some, unique opportunities for others
A s coronavirus spreads across Canada, shutting down local businesses and national companies in its wake, Canadians are being forced into their homes and out of public places like restaurants and bars.

Nova Scotia farmers aren’t going away amid COVID-19

Cows can’t get COVID-19 so you can stop panic buying milk and thank a farmer instead.
A s people practice social distancing, head into isolation, quarantine and prepare for whatever happens next, there's one thing everyone needs—food.

“Everybody across the world has said they wished they had started sooner”

Halifax Regional Municipality introduces measures to curb spread of COVID-19.
  After announcements from PM Trudeau and the province today, Halifax Regional Municipality’s mayor Mike Savage, CAO Jacques Dubé and Erica Fleck, division chief of emergency management with Halifax regional fire and emergency, gave an update. 

Ban on big cruise ships means a sinking number of visitors

Halifax expected 74,565 cruisers in April, May and June, but now only 2,520 people would be allowed.
  From the moment the Diamond Princess was identified as a coronavirus hotspot, cruise ships have been a target of concern.

How to test yourself for COVID-19

As 811 gets flooded with calls, premier unviels a "self-diagnostic tool" to find out if you should be concerned.
At this morning's press conference on Nova Scotia's coronavirus preparations, premier Stephen McNeil and Robert Strang—the provincial chief medical officer of health—talked about the 811 phone line. The 811 system takes pressure off hospitals by letting citizens connect with a registered nurse from the comfort of their phones.

The Coast postpones Burger Week to June 2020

With heavy sauce we bring you a Halifax Burger Week update from Burger Week HQ here at The Coast.

Nova Scotia government says COVID-19 is inevitable, urges people to "do their part"

A t a press conference in Halifax today Premier Stephen McNeil and chief medical officer Robert Strang gave an update on Nova Scotia's response to COVID-19. There are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus yet in Nova Scotia, but Strang said its arrival in the province is "inevitable."

All the basics to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus

Wash your hands. Stay home if you’re sick, and pay attention to what the government is telling you.
What it is The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) AKA COVID-19 was first found after cases of pneumonia were reported in Wuhan, China.

This 71-year-old is living and travelling around Nova Scotia in her van

Gail McGinnis living the is living #vanlife on the road, not the ‘gram
From the outside it's nothing more than a large white cargo van, but inside, 71-year-old Gail McGinnis has done her best to make it feel like home.

Keeping up with Halifax’s changing city scape

The sky’s the limit now that the municipality’s centre plan package A has been approved. Here’s where you can keep up with the changes.
The Coast is rounding up the buildings and projects so you can know about them before they're towering over your backyard.

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Building a better Mooseheads


Building a better Mooseheads

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For three years, the Halifax Mooseheads junior hockey club has been crafting a team to host—and win—the 2019 Memorial Cup. But what if it’s built too well too soon? comments      0

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