The politics of imagination

An explanation for—and a potential solution to—that unease you're feeling about everything from the grocery store to the climate crisis.

By Matt Stickland

There’s a joke on the internet in left-wing circles: “How did you get radicalized?” And the reason it’s a joke, albeit not a funny one, is because the answer is always something mundane. For example, there is probably someone reading this article who knows just enough about surveillance capitalism; has just enough information on how big companies use data; knows a little bit about how much money companies make on our personal data; had a history teacher in grade 13 who taught them how big grocery chains monopolize our food distribution, and they maybe know a little bit about why monopolies are bad; they understand at least conceptually that people starve because grocery chains don’t open stores where they won’t make money; they know how Superstore uses their data; they know that Superstore made record profits during the pandemic...

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