Anti-poverty group sees little sign of change in so-called welfare transformation

Anti-poverty group sees little sign of change in so-called welfare transformation

Member losing his home says new Standard Household Rate ‘does little to encourage me’
The province's welfare transformation is little more than a rebranding according to an anti-poverty advocacy group.

Street checks still dominate Board of Police Commissioners meetings

A petition for a ban, a legal opinion and record keeping were on the agenda at this week's meeting.
I t's been a busy few months for the Halifax board of police commissioners, and its last meeting saw its first ever presentation from members of the public.

Council talks about the pros and cons of surveillance cameras in public spaces

An administrative order means it doesn’t have any say, but it discussed them anyways.
Deputy mayor Tony Mancini brought an information report from staff about the surveillance Camera Pilot Project for Public Spaces to council for discussion this week.

What you need to know about getting an abortion in Nova Scotia

Who to call, what to do and where to go.
There are many misunderstandings about the female reproductive system and the various forms of birth control available to people with uteruses.

Considering abortion as birth control for those who can't access it

How barriers to birth control affect Canadians' access to adequate sexual health services.
T he pill, an IUD, condoms, plan B, nuvarings, abortion, pulling-out, tracking your cycle–these are all equally valid choices of birth control.

This is my abortion story: Coast readers share their anonymous experiences

Stories of shame, stigma, abuse and courage intent on opening up the conversation
T he Coast invited readers to share their experiences with abortion by emailing stories to

A moving target: What abortion access looks like in Nova Scotia

The ups and downs of centralized information, streamlining services and continued change.
One of the biggest misconceptions about abortion, says Lianne Yoshida, a Nova Scotia physician and medical co-director of the Women's Choice Clinic in Halifax, is that people think it's a rare or unusual procedure.

What abortion services look like across Canada

Implementation varies across provincial jurisdictions and practioners
Prince Edward Island In the early '80s, the provincial government decided there would be no surgical abortion services in PEI: Those seeking an abortion would have to travel to Nova Scotia or New Brunswick.

MMIWG report says government is responsible for race-and-gender-based crisis

Nova Scotia’s Indigenous relocation efforts ‘directly contribute’ to placing women, girls in danger.
Qfter two-and-a-half years the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls released its final report June 3, laying out the role that all levels of Canadian government play in the the race-and-gender-based crisis that is facing and has faced Indigenous and Inuit women.

Warming hearts and throwing darts

Why HRM’s 14-year-old Canadian dart champion Emily Alford says winning isn’t the point
On any given Friday night in Halifax, you'll find Emily Alford in the pub, going up against a group of 20-something guys in a game of darts.

7 things to know about Turo car-sharing service’s arrival in Nova Scotia

The Airbnb of autos launches locally today.
Turo is a big deal in the sharing economy, serving as the Airbnb of car rentals for about 10 million people around the world.

Halifax’s theatre community rallies behind The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op

Ahead of council's decision on Hail-Mary funding to save the space.
Sébastien Labelle is perched in a booth at the front of The Bus Stop Theatre, looking out from the window onto Gottingen Street, wearing a rare uneasy expression.

Cornwallis task force public meetings scheduled for June

Four meetings will take place in HRM
The city's task force for the commemoration of Edward Cornwallis and the recognition and commemoration of Indigenous history has announced four public consultation meetings will take place in June.

Transit updates, parking promises and something that was Yarmouth’s idea first

This week at regional council
H alifax Transit gave a third-quarter key indicator report, noting that there's been just under 10,000 transit passes given out through the department of community services' pilot project, and over 1,000 of those have been given to children.

Getting urban garden projects off the ground is a challenge for local groups

Making the most of the city’s limited green space
U rban agriculture is trending hard these days, and there are a handful of reasons why: Knowing where your food comes from, it looks cute, it builds community and food security.

NS government to give loan forgiveness to university students who stay in province

Takes money away from students who go out of province
S tarting August 1, Nova Scotians undergraduate students attending universities within the province will not have to pay back provincial student loans.

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Building a better Mooseheads

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