Maybe Uber wasn't inevitable after all

Maybe Uber wasn't inevitable after all

Halifax votes yes to rules for Uber to operate: Uber doesn't like the rules.
Just shy of two years ago, The Coast opened a cover story about Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft with the line: "Ask anyone and they’ll tell you it’s the way of the future."

Hurricane Teddy bears down on Nova Scotia

Updated post-storm: Halifax gets ready for a storm that is forecast to make landfall further from the city than both Dorian and Juan.
Update Wednesday September 23: Teddy came ashore around 7:30 this morning near Ecum Secum, more than 100 kilometres east of downtown Halifax.

Supernova Market hopes to lift makers' spirits this Saturday

With most in-person events cancelled, market vendors are seeing decreased revenue this year.
Picture an autumn craft market: tiny tables filled with kitschy homemade items, baskets filled to the brim with fresh-baked loaves of bread and candles that smell like a crisp, dewy morning. And people.

Coronavirus explained, again

Virology and influenza expert answers our COVID-19 questions.
Back in March (a lifetime ago) The Coast spoke with Denys Khaperskyy, an assistant professor and researcher at Dalhousie University in the department of microbiology and immunology.

A passing of the torch at LOVE

Dennis Adams takes over from Sarah MacLaren at the youth support organization.
As LOVE Nova Scotia, an organization which provides guidance and support for young people in vulnerable situations, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, youth support worker Sarah MacLaren is stepping down from the executive director role after two decades at the helm.

What leaving the bubble means for Nova Scotians upon return

What to expect when you're expecting a 14-day stay at home.
As cases of COVID-19 rise in other parts of Canada and there's no official word on whether or not the Atnaltic bubble will be popped, some Nova Scotians are making the tough decision to leave anyways—hoping filling up on family time can make up for the two weeks of isolation that await them back in Nova Scotia. Here are 14 steps on what to expect before, during and after your 14 days of quarantine:

NSCAD Alumni Association takes a vote of non-confidence in its president

Cameron Jantzen voted to fire Aoife Mac Namara, and the association is pissed.
Three months after Aoife Mac Namara’s dismissal as NSCAD’s president, the art school community is still upset about why this happened.

The Black Lives Matter sign on Gottingen Street is a form of resistance

Getting a new one up so quickly after it was stolen is also a form of resistance.
On the east side of Gottingen Street, between Uniacke Street and the Halifax North Memorial Library, an eight-by-16-foot Black Lives Matter banner was hung at the beginning of August. It was put there after a string of gatherings, protests and vigils took place in Halifax on the heels of the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, part of a global movement of protests against anti-Black racism.

Wanderers take a knee for Black Lives Matter

Some things are more important than sports.
Last week, in the middle of a Thursday afternoon game between Cavalry and Ottawa FC on a field in PEI, the referee blew a whistle. It was eight minutes and 46 seconds into the game, the same length of time a police officer kneeled on George Floyd’s neck—killing him and sparking the most recent wave of worldwide Black Lives Matter protests.

Halifax Regional Council approves rules for secondary and backyard suites

Will it fix the affordable housing problem in HRM? Probably not. Can it help? We'll see.
H alifax Regional Council has unanimously approved the bylaw and planning rule amendments to allow secondary and backyard suites in homes across HRM. In a virtual public hearing on September 1, Jillian MacLellan, a planner with HRM explained that a secondary suite is a separate dwelling section within a home or in simpler terms, a basement, and a backyard suite is a building separated from the home but still within the same property.

Here's what happened at Halifax Regional Council this week

C ouncillors kicked off the month of September with another virtual regional council meeting. It was a meeting of mostly housekeeping items, and you can get the full rundown watching our live-'gramming coverage at the 09/01 council highlight on The Coast's Instagram page.

In all but two of HRM's business units, women are underrepresented among top-earners

And 80 percent of HRM's top salaries go to men 💃.
About one in five Halifax Regional Municipal employees were paid over $100,000 in salary and compensation in the 2019-20 fiscal year, landing them a spot on the publically released Statement of Compensation (AKA Halifax's sunshine list).

What it’s like to quarantine in a dorm for two weeks

A first-year Dalhousie student tells us about her experience
Ready or not, students are back in Nova Scotia this fall. They come from far and wide, and they’re stuck in quarantine if they’re from outside the Atlantic bubble.

Planes, strains and automobiles

The Nova Scotia Health Authority issues warnings about COVID-19 on flights from Calgary and a taxi to Halifax.
A traveller has to be awake early to make it to Calgary International Airport in time for WS232, WestJet’s daily 9:30am flight to Halifax.

Tinder and masturbating can help prevent the spread of COVID-19

The good news is that protecting against COVID looks a lot like protecting against STIs.
Students are on the precipice of returning to Halifax, some are already here self-isolating. This fall, they’ll experience a mix of online and in-person classes at the city’s various post-secondary institutions.

No word yet on whether or not Nova Scotia will start using Health Canada's COVID Alert app

But here's what to expect and how to be prepared should that day come.
Health Canada’s sleek COVID Alert app launched on July 31, but so far only Ontario has started using it—even though it’s available for all Canadians to download and use.

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