Crepe life

Crepe life

Consistency, simplicity and affordable eats make the Portland Street Creperie a sunny addition to downtown Dartmouth.
It can be hard to see inside the Portland Street Creperie.

A little piece of heaven

Cheap, portable snacks that punch above their weight.
Sushi Ko Doraku 5640 Spring Garden Road, 1949 Upper Water Street $2.50/2.75 (nigiri), $4.50 (maki)

Killer combination

Copious amounts of Chinese food for under 10 bucks.
Yan's Restaurant 752 Sackville Drive At this Sackville family restaurant, which specializes in Cantonese and Szechuan, every combination is under $10, every extra add-on (extra spare ribs, please!)

Take a bite out of downtown Dartmouth

A round-up of places to dig in without digging too deep into your pockets.
Frankly, it’s getting harder and harder to find cheap food in Halifax, whether it’s at a restaurant or a grocery store. But as downtown Dartmouth continues to grow and flower with new small businesses, it’s become clear that it is also a destination for affordable dining.

Chow down on Cheap Eats

Our annual guide to eating out economically

Morning glory: breakfasts snacks under $7

Sweet deals on morning meals that aren’t your standard eggs and bacon.
Homemade Pop Tart Feed your nostalgic cravings with Anchored's flaky and filled take on the Kellogg's Pop-Tart.

Give me all the bacon and eggs you have

Make your morning—or your entire day—sunnyside up with some of the city’s most affordable classic greasy spoon breakfasts
Starfresh Modern Diner

Wake up and smell the coffee

We called 30 breakfast joints across the HRM to boil down the deets on your classic diner coffee.

Are you a Leslie or a Ron?

This week marks the end of Parks & Recreation. To honour the breakfast-loving residents of Pawnee, pick your ideal splurge-worthy dish to find your spot on a scale of Leslie Knope to Ron Swanson.

A slice to remember

We’ve got our eyes on 15 of the HRM’s finest pies.
Your unpretentious, hardworking neighbourhood pizza joints don’t often get the spotlight.

The Xtreme factor

All work and no play makes pizza a dull meal. But luckily, that’s not the case at Xtreme Pizza.
Hot chicken tamale. BBQ bacon cheeseburger.

The life and times of Pizza Corner

When the trio of pizza joints turned into a duo, did it put the nail in Pizza Corner’s coffin? Or is this Halifax legend unkillable?
Angel or devil, blessing or curse, Pizza Corner was, at once, a slice of heaven and the third circle of hell. Perhaps it still is. All I know is once you've scrambled out of your 20s and left late nights downtown behind you, it's easy to think of it as nothing but a neon-lit, pepperoni-scented gravestone of your youth.

Heart of garlic

Laurel Harrington, the owner of Freeman’s Little New York, helps dissect the anatomy of a perfect plate of garlic fingers.
If you wind up at Freeman's at the end of a long night—whether you've spent it slamming back beers or cramming for a final exam, if you're a local or an out-of-towner—and ask for a recommendation, chances are it'll be garlic fingers. The uniquely Nova Scotian, highly addictive snack is comfort food at its finest, and while it's hard to think of how buttery bread and gooey cheese could ever go wrong (really, can it?)

Cheap Eats 2014 is HERE

And we've got our eyes on the pies. The pizza pies.
Your unpretentious, hardworking neighbourhood pizza joints don’t often get the spotlight.

A moveable feast

The city’s newest food trucks have street-eaters craving more, but an outdated bylaw has put up some roadblocks. Will the trucks stop here?
Nick Horne has always been good with his hands.

Supreme courts

Some of the city’s cheapest food lives within its noisy and poorly-lit food courts.
Maritime Centre 1505 Barrington Street

Lunch monitor

So you (purposely) forgot your brown bag at home. Not to worry, generously portioned, budget lunches abound.
PG's Cafe & Grill 1266 Hollis Street After 20-plus years of serving regulars at Scotia Square, PG's has settled nicely into its home on Hollis.

7 under $7

Andy Murdoch seeks out seven food wonders of HRM’s culinary world, all under seven dollars.
Passage to the Caribbean Am I the only one who finds Caribbean food overpriced?


Melissa Buote combs the city’s burger joints for the ultimate in patty perfection.
"It's right up there with apple pie and baseball," says Jeff Lassen.

The daily show

Seven days of budget and tastebud-friendly food makes one week for Simon Thibault.

Tell us your secret cheap eats!

Looking for great deals under $7, weekly specials and any cheap eating tips
Like last year's call for your must-try 7 under $7 deals in the city, we are again on the hunt for affordable ways to chow down for our February 23rd Cheap Eats issue.


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