Dalhousie University’s Corporate Residency Master of Business Administration:  Growing from Individual Strengths and Backgrounds

Dalhousie University’s Corporate Residency Master of Business Administration: Growing from Individual Strengths and Backgrounds

How Abbie found that a career in finance wasn’t outside the realm of feasibility for an arts student
After spending most of her undergraduate degree aspiring to attend Law school, Abbie McLatchy began to question whether it was still the right path for her.

Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy: A Career in Flexibility

How a career in massage therapy can open the door to multiple opportunities
Jacqueline (Jax) Sebetovsky graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH) program in Bedford with honours in 2007 with a focus in Sports Therapy.

University of King’s College: Falling in Love with Academia

How Early Modern Studies allowed Evangeline Freedman to explore a variety of interests and to see them as interconnected pieces

The University of Prince Edward Island: A Personal Experience

Creating a personalized learning environment to accommodate unique job opportunities
Keyshawn Bonamy didn't want to attend a school where he would be seen as "just a number" to his professors.

NSCAD University: Learning with our hands

How art school prepares us for the future economy
As we learn more about the quiet crisis of unemployability resulting from the shift in the workforce, we must ensure our students are equipped with the necessary skills that lead to long- lasting careers.

The Atlantic School of Theology: Engaging with the Complexities of Society

AST’s focus on the traditions of the church has helped Rick see even more clearly why the world needs Christianity
Rick Gunn didn't need the Atlantic School of Theology until he experienced what is known to some Christians as a "call to ministry."

Dalhousie University’s  Master of Social Work: Social Transformation, Social Justice and Social Work

Kaitrin Doll’s education allows them to fill health-care gaps for marginalized groups
Qhe Dalhousie School of Social Work emphasizes critical, anti-oppressive and social justice approaches to social work practice.

Mount Saint Vincent University: Believing in their Students

Motivating students to pursue their passions both in and outside of school
O riginally from Lebanon, Elsy Makhlouf left home in pursuit of a public relations degree at Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU).

Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education: Making a Difference in the World

Creating instructors who lead with compassion, empathy, and love
Maria Garcia had first expressed her interest in becoming an Early Childhood Educator when she visited ISANS (Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia) in 2013.

Dalhousie Fountain School of Performing Arts: Paving the Path for the Future

The many career streams that come from pursuing a theatre degree
Kaelen MacDonald heard about the Bachelor of Arts Honours in Theatre (Costume Studies) from the director of her after-school theatre program.

How to Craft the Perfect Resume

What belongs, how far back in time you need to go, and what employers really care about
Your resume is a fine-tuned machine: too much fluff, and employers will see right through you; not enough fluff, and your resume won't stand out.

Five Key Skills that will Result in Success in Any New Work Environment

Which skills a graduate should focus on when applying for jobs, or starting their new job.
G raduation days are fast approaching, or maybe they've already passed you by.

8 Jobs That Aren’t Just Trends, They’re the Future

Which jobs are guaranteed to be hiring for the next five to six years
Let's face it: you don't want a job that you can only count on for a year.

Mastering the Elevator Pitch

Cocktail hours are about more than the drinks
T he further we dive into the age of technology, the harder it is for our qualifications to stand out on their own.


Where family tradition and small business thrive.
Follow the road to fun

Career Minded October 2019

Produced in partnership with local schools, Career Minded focuses on the realities of the job market, talking with graduates to find out what kinds of jobs the education options lead to. It's a great tool to help you pick a school.

SMU’s UPrep: It’s Never Too Late to Upgrade your Education

LoffieAnn revisited unused skills, built an academic foundation and reignited her love for writing through SMU’s UPrep Program
Meet LoffieAnn.

Nova Scotia Community College: Learning Something New Every Day

Olivia Brine gained the confidence to better her future through a career in IT
Prior to registering for the IT Database Administration program at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), Olivia Brine was working for a payday loan company and had no prior experience with information technology.

Dalhousie university Fountain School of Performing Arts: Saying ‘Yes’ to New Adventures

Go behind the scenes with Virg Iredale, as she learns stage management and gains real-world theatre experience
When it came to choosing schools, Virg Iredale picked Dalhousie twice.

Atlantic School of Theology: Moving Closer to God

When Arla Johnson finally said “yes” to God, she moved beyond career aspiration and found her views transformed
A Baptist Minister walks into a bar and then – think you know what happens?

Saint Mary’s University Science: Finding Geology

A happy accident led to Cynthia Sawatzky digging into an unexpected major
Cynthia Sawatzky didn't go searching for her program.


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