Career Minded March 2018

Career Minded March 2018

Produced in partnership with local schools, Career Minded focuses on the realities of the job market, talking with graduates to find out what kinds of jobs the education options lead to. It's a great tool to help you pick a school.

Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency: Serve It Up!

Providing dream careers and building our future generation
Quinten Bennett's heart has always been in the culinary industry.

Université Sainte-Anne: From architecture to children’s building blocks

It’s never too late to change your career
Emily-Rose Smegal began her journey working in architecture and interior design.

Davinci College: A diploma in creativity

Technical skills that benefit the growing gaming industry
Aaron Sanford grew up watching movies and playing video games.

Saint Mary’s University Science: Extended family

With the proper support, you can do anything
Kanngi Mahajan enrolled in her MSc Computing and Data Analytics Program at Saint Mary's University as one of the youngest people in her class.

Saint Mary’s University Arts: Ethical community engagement

A new program aims for action, not just words, to fight injustice
Between media awareness, political and social activism, and changes in university mandates, we are seeing a strengthening of discourses on people speaking out about the production of social injustice.

Saint Mary's University Sobey School of Business: Building the entrepreneurial spirit

If you can’t find your community, create one
Mike Cyr's entrepreneurial curiosity sparked in his high school years.

Celta at Saint Mary’s University: Your passport to global teaching opportunities

English teachers have never been so employable
In accordance with the Language Schools Act of 2013, teachers of English as a second language in Nova Scotia are required to have an undergraduate degree and a recognized English language teaching qualification.

Dalhousie Rowe School of Business

There’s always a creative side to the sciences
Hope Scheller spent her undergraduate years at Cape Breton University, researching technologies to enhance cancer treatment with the intention of later pursuing a career in the medical field.

Université Sainte-Anne: Taking the time to find the perfect career fit

Enrolling in a program is like finding your soulmate: you’ll just know
Jasmine Boudreau was nervous to return to school at age 25.

Pitch, please

It’s okay to brag about yourself — actually, we insist that you do
We live in a world where it's only too easy to feel undervalued and underpaid.

NSCECE: Constantly learning as an early childhood educator

FAQs answered on the education of children
Michael Horne has always dreamed of a career that made him feel like he was making a difference in his community, and he found it with early childhood education.

ICT Northumberland College: Following your heart

How Marie Christianson knew massage therapy was right for her
When Marie Christianson was still in high school, ICT Northumberland College had come to speak to her school about its massage therapy program.

Mount Saint Vincent University: Heart? Check. Mind? Check.

Aligning your beliefs to create authentic change in the non-profit sector
The non-profit sector is all about connecting you to your community, but if you're not willing to persevere, the work can be a struggle.

UPREP — Saint Mary’s University Preparation: Helping you fulfill your educational dreams

Do you have your sights set on going to university?  Do you want to bolster your educational qualifications to meet university admission requirements?  Saint Mary's University is committed to lifelong learning, welcoming individuals looking for opportunities to connect with university and pursue their goals of academic success. 

A projected graduation with a chance of success

Which industries are hiring, which you want to be a part of and where you’ll make the most bang for your buck
Nationally, most jobs are going to see an increase in position openings from 6,000 to 20,000 between now and the year 2020. Globally, these numbers are even higher, raising students' hopes that they'll leave their post-secondary institutions with high-salary positions in order to pay off their student loans.

CPA Atlantic School of Business: Expert in facts

When the career search just adds up
Andrew Lipsit spent one year as a math teacher, but he knew before long that teaching wasn't right for him.

CollÈge d’Études OsthÉopathiques: Expanding career opportunities

Enhancing your personal practice to benefit clients
Physiotherapy was Wendy Jardine's first profession, and though she still works in the field four days a week, she saw the opportunity to increase her accreditations by adding osteopathy to her practice through the Collège d'Études Osthéopathiques (CEO — Osteopathic Studies).

Canadian College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine: The rise in natural medicine

Passing on the knowledge and continuing a 5000-year history
It was always a dream for Dr. Diana Li and Dr. Franklyn Chen to take their medical practise to a higher level by opening a college.

Finding your place in the job market

How to be present in your career while utilizing your degree
When you're looking for work, where you're looking plays a big role.

Career help you can really click with

Resources for students, post-grads and off-to-work folk
Sometimes it's hard to stay positive when work and school are concerned.


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