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Captain Hook’s Revenge

The Theatre Arts Guild Christmas pantomime is a tradition for many families in HRM, and TAG certainly knows how to deliver an entertaining show. This year’s offering, Captain Hook’s Revenge, seemed like a particularly magical mix of sparkly costumes, lovely music--- including an exquisite duet between Emma Cruddas’ Peter Pan and Emily Stuart’s Tinkerbell---and laugh-out-loud humour. And never will you see a band of more scruffy, scurvy knaves than Hook’s pirate crew in this play. The breaking down of the fourth wall is one of the hallmarks of pantomime, and I couldn’t help but notice that the adults had as much fun as the children did when booing the villainous Hook (Played with suitable swagger and a dark, delicious singing voice by Lowell Shore). Although not overtly Christmasy in theme, this show will put you in a happy holiday spirit. –Kate Watson

  • Pond Playhouse

    6 Parkhill Road, Halifax Spryfield/Purcell's Cove


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