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Blackpool and Parrish Last Chance Members Pick

When: Nov. 6-23 2013
Price: $14/$17
On the day before the end of the world, good and evil (personified in the devilish Harriet Blackpool and the saintly Richard Parrish) meet in a very private club to discuss the terms of battle. They are joined by their offspring, a pair whose natures are perversely opposite to that of their parent. The premise is fun, the dialogue is funny and the musings on the nature of good and evil are nuanced and sophisticated. The cast does a terrific job of carrying this nuance into their characters, resisting the temptation to be over-the-top or one-note. There are some wonderfully unique images in this play such as breakfast with the four horseman of the Apocalypse (Famine likes his eggs over easy) or Saskatchewan as the location of the Plains of Armageddon. Blackpool & Parrish is a clever play with a satisfying end. —Kate Watson


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