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Re: “To All the Bicycling Nimrods Who Think They Own The Roads

Oh crap,..not teecee again. Doesn't bike herself but somehow thinks she knows what is best for everyone else.

OK teecee,..i'll bite,..if in fact in your opinion (based on no real world experience) bikes do not belong on the road,..what the fuck do you suggest?

And do you know how wide the average car is and how wide the average street is? And how do you figure the roads are not wide enough for both? Through experience or are you just pulling that out of your fat ass as usual?

Seriously,..I'm really wondering how you arrived at that conclusion because i ride a bike and i drive a car and I'm just not sure how you figure that's true because reality seems to be quite different. I"m sure there are narrow streets that have trouble accommodating both but you make it sound like all the roads in HRM are narrow cow paths.

Are you smoking cow turd again?

John,..yes i realize that if looked at scientifically what you say is correct. I just through it out there anyway because i want a 'boring car driver rant label'. :-)

Posted by bikeman on 05/04/2009 at 4:00 PM

Re: “To All the Bicycling Nimrods Who Think They Own The Roads

What you should really do is lobby your government to remove the section of the driver's handbook that says that cyclists should stay as far to the right as possible BUT may take up as much as the driving lane as they feel necessary to remain safe.

So if a cyclist is taking up the entire lane,..well tough shit for you because all they're doing is following the rules.

And if it makes you mad then i hope it isn't a family member or good friend of yours who you run down from behind.

Most cyclists aren't too concerned or "self-involved" regarding cars coming up behind them because they know that less then 1% of bike/car collisions occur that way.

If a cyclist was run down from behind then it proves that the motorist is blind and should be barred from driving or the motorist decided to run a fellow citizen down on purpose. I believe that would be manslaughter.

The large majority of car/bike collisions occur at intersections when cars turn in front of the cyclists.

Yes, a boring bike bitch label would be good. Also a boring car bitch label as well because there seems to be more people bitching about moronic car drivers then about moronic cyclists.

Posted by bikeman on 05/04/2009 at 12:13 PM

Re: “Disillusioned

hey bikeman....
I was informing the other cyclists that those pricks ruin it for you. not taking a shot at cyclists. Was my punctuation there making it seem otherwise? or did it not read as such?

Sorry zZz I guess I read your post wrong.

Disilliusioned - I see so many cyclists doing dumb stuff that it's hard to argue (like you do) that they're a non-representative minority.
I don't know, I still find that hard to believe but then again I don't claim to have seen the majority of cyclists in this city, only a small portion of them on my daily route. I guess we all see things from our own perspective.

I know recently that I've been watching cyclists very carefully and watching for violations to see how prevalent it is. But my experience is mainly commuting so the large majority of cyclists I see are going to and from work and tend to be older (middle-aged?) men. And they also tend to be the ones who follow the rules more. I've been trying to count the total number of cyclists I see and violations to see if it is the majority like some say but i keep forgetting my running count. :-( But either way, what I've seen so far points to just a slim minority,..just like car drivers. I think it's more that cyclists who break the rules are more noticeable then cars that do.

From my unscientific survey so far, i'd have to say that the few people i seen on the sidewalks from time to time tend to be younger women on funny little girl-type bikes on residential streets. (no offense ladies).

The 2 people I have seen going the wrong way on one way streets were both poor looking old men. Bottle collector types is the best i can describe them.

So yeah, i admit that not all follow the rules but i think it's quite a stretch to say it's the majority by any means. Sounds more like pure opinion then something actually based on fact.

I've always found it interesting that when driving a car we want everyone else to follow the rules 100% (cars and bikes) of the time but yet we ourselves want to be able to pick and choose the rules we follow. (speeding, etc). And I've yet to meet anyone driving a car or bike who follows the rules all the time even though 99% of us will say we do.

Oh how I dream of the day when we start to examine this bizarre notion that car and bikes should be treated the same. Having done a lot of walking, biking and driving in my life, I have to say that it bikes and pedestrians seem to have a lot more in common then bikes and cars do.

Posted by bikeman on 04/30/2009 at 10:18 AM

Re: “Disillusioned

I almost got winged yesterday (walking) by a guy driving a car and making a right hand turn across a crosswalk without looking to see if a person was there before he turned.

Fucking douche...

Motorists, they do ruin it for the rest of y'all. :-)

Posted by bikeman on 04/29/2009 at 4:03 PM

Re: “Disillusioned

I don't own a bike or legs and i drive everywhere, and have always supported car driver rights & initiatives. But: to all the car drivers I see breaking basic traffic laws - at least ten or twenty times a day: please stop! And don't even try to be indignant when a cyclist almost smacks you when you fail to signal or open your car door without looking. And to all the car drivers who I don't see - and I know there must be a lot of you: same. And to all the car drivers I see and don't see doing all sorts of dumb stuff all over town - speeding, not signaling, coasting through stop signs and pedestrian crosswalks, moving way too fast on crowded streets, etcetera etcetera: just stop it! I used to staunchly defend car drivers whenever some obnoxious cyclist or pedestrian started the usual rant about 'cars should get off the road blah blah,' but now, to be honest, I find myself saying 'Yeah, well, a lot of car drivers do dumb shit but we're not all bad...' Pretty weak. It's hard to defend our rights when so many of us blatantly abuse them. But it's really not so hard to obey traffic laws.

To be honest, i do partly agree with you in the sense that some cyclists/pedestrians don't follow the rules. Why just yesteraday i saw a guy on the sidewalk without a helmet. But he was also smoking and i believe he was a "recyclable stuff collector guy" and i'm not sure if he counts. :-)

I've always found it interesting that when we use this argument against cyclists, we don't apply the same criteria/logic against car drivers. I mean, i see car drivers all the time breaking traffic laws but i don't automatically assume that because of this that all car drivers break the law. Why not,..because it's faulty logic and i'm not sure why people seem to think it's alright to apply it only to cyclists.

Basically what you're asking here is for one group of citizens to police the actions of another group of citizens. I follow the rules when cycling 99% of the time (just like when i drive a car) but i have no power/control over other cyclists to force them to adhere to the law. Just like when i drive a car i have no way to force other car drivers to follow the law.

And yes, i do hate it too when i see the odd cyclist blantenly breaking the law because i know there are so many simpletons out there who will then take this and apply it to all cyclists and make ME feel responsible for the other cyclists. WEll i will when car drivers start taking responsibility for the actions of other car drivers.

So yes, may see some cyclists who don't act the way you think they should act but you have to elevate your thinking a bit and realize that it doesn't make logical sense to assume your small sample reflects the actions of all cyclists. Or at least be honest enough to apply the same logic to all groups of road users. I'm not saying "don't bitch" but you need to bitch to the individual you see breaking the law you and not to a whole group of citizens, most of whom ARE following the law.

One other point regarding cyclists and motorists who break traffic laws. When a cyclist breaks a traffic law, he's generally (not always) only putting himself at risk (car paint jobs don't count) but when a motorist breaks a traffic law, there's a good chance that they're putting other people besides themselves at risk. So which traffic law violators should we be more concerned about, cars or bikes? Doesn't make it right for cyclists to break traffic laws mind you, just food for thought.

Posted by bikeman on 04/29/2009 at 1:27 PM

Re: “Share the Road

#1) Bikeman = #1 Poster/"bitcher"

Yippee! I won #1. And it was my first bitch reply too. Been reading these bitches for a while now but never got in on the fun,..but now i think i'm hooked. Sorry if my bitches are too long but sometimes i get on a roll and can't stop. :-)

#2) Teecee is a plague on society

Oh so true!

#3) The only issue I have with SOME cyclists would be when I'm driving and about to turn right, legally of course, at an intersection, and said cyclists decide it to be smart to fly up on the inside of traffic and go straight... This dubmfounds me... I dont want to injure anyone, but again SOME people make it more difficult than it should be...

I know,..that drives me nuts too. I make sure when i approach an intersection that the car just ahead of me is not going to turn because i know from driving a car that i'm in their blindspot. I'm not sure if some bikers don't realize this or not but it amazes me too,..and it scares the hell out of me sometimes when i'm driving a car and turning because i also bike so am more aware that there could be a bike there.

TeeCee,..come on now. Is that all you can come up with? I'm stupid because i drive my bike on the road? Geez,'re going to have to up the level of your bitches because you're really more funny then anything. I keep waiting for you to dish it out good but you just keep saying the same thing with no argument behind it. I mean,..i'd understand if you called me an idiot because you're mad at me for being a prick to you. But to call me an idiot for driving a bike on the road,..i don't know,..that's kind of a stretch. I encourage you to work on your bitches because you're not doing all that well.

Actually if you did some research you'd find that one of the most dangerous things you'll ever do in your life is drive a car. You may feel safer but that's only because you're dumb and not able to properly assess risk.

Just wondering there TeeCee, you have friends or family who ride bikes? And if so, do you also call them stupid for riding on the road? And do you feel the same anger and lack of respect for your friends and family when they ride bikes? I hope you're able to get over your anger someday and are able to co-exist peacefully with your fellow haligonians and i truly hope you don't accidentally run down a friend or family member on a bike someday.

Well i think this bitch has run it's course for me and it's time to move onto the next one.

TeeCee,..good luck with your low intelligence problem and thanks again for not having any children as it would be a shame for a child to be passed your moron genes.

Posted by bikeman on 04/24/2009 at 8:30 AM

Re: “Share the Road

Hey teecee,

Plain logistics? Are you that stupid that you can't see the fucking city around you? Every fucking day hundreds of bikes share the road with cars just fine,...proving that yes, bikes and cars CAN share the road.

Who is it dangerous for? The bikes? Yes, probably is more dangerous for bikes because of the size, speed and weight differences between the two modes of transportation. Not to forget the fact that a small minority of car drivers are people like you,..that is, fucking stupid morons. But how can you sit there and say that if you have no fucking experience with what you're talking about? Is it dangerous because you know you there are more people driving cars like yourself who apparently don't know how to share the road with fellow citizens?

Instead of making an effort to share the road, you simply say no,..i don't want to share,...i want all you people gone. Do you think the fucking world revolves around you? Why exactly do you think you don't have to share public infrastructure that we all paid for?

As fallingangels says,....'narrow' roads (in reality, roads are wide enough) are NOT the fault of anyone in this bitch. So we have what we have which means we have to share it. Accept it fucknut! People are willing to share it with you, about growing the fuck up and sharing it with everyone else.

Thank fuck you're not reproducing and passing on your stupid genes!! That totally makes my day!!

I love your comment about how you "pay taxes for the school system and have no children". What exactly is your point there,...that you don't understand how canadian society works? Let me give you an example there,....there's a street in my area that i've never ever driven on in a car or a bike and there is a stop sign on that street. Should i be expected to pay taxes for that stop sign? Why? I don't use it so why pay for it.

Do you see where i'm going there moron? We have a society where we all put taxes in and they are pooled and we all receive benefits. (not to say that it's a perfect system but that's what we have). So stop whining about services you don't feel you should pay for.

God i love these bitch threads. Feels so good to unload on morons like teecee. Wish i didn't have to but a person can only listen too so much stupidity before breaking down.

So TeeCee,.. the rest of us are trying to have a civilization here and you and your stupidity are not helping at all. You're quite welcome to join us but we do try to have minimum standards and presently,'re well below them. So why don't you educate yourself a bit and maybe then you'd be able to contribute something of value instead of your simplistic "black and white" world observations.

Posted by bikeman on 04/23/2009 at 7:53 AM

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