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Robert Webber

Webber first was turned onto yoga in the early ‘90s when he was a runner. “Stretching was an issue, I was stiff and inflexible in the hamstrings as any runner is.” He found the meditative singularity of yoga “captivating and intriguing,” and it was “the minimalism of it, not struggling with a piece of equipment,” that won him over. A confessed academic, Webber doesn’t demonstrate postures in his classes. “I work with language, metaphors and ideas. I start with simple moves and layer and layer and layer it.” The Yoga Loft, 5663 Cornwallis, 429-3330

First runner up: Jenny Kierstead-Abbass, Breathing Space Yoga Studio, 6960 Mumford, 444-9642

Second runner up: Maxine Munro, Theapeutic Approach Yoga Studio, 6156 Quinpool, 429-3303

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