Best Women’s Clothing Store 2017 | Sweet Pea Boutique | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Women’s Clothing Store

Sweet Pea Boutique

Best Women’s Clothing Store
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Gold Winner Sweet Pea Boutique

Silver Winner Biscuit General Store

Bronze Winner Bodega Boutique

“You’re gonna make me cry,” Johanna Galipeau, owner of Sweet Pea Boutique, says with audible surprise when she hears her fashion playground has been crowned Best Women’s Clothing Store. She credits her hands-on approach as part of her win, putting the phone call on hold to ring in a sale before adding, “I’m here every day so I build a really strong relationship with my customers. Women come in here on their lunch break to escape a bit, people come here to get ready for a special occasion, people wear things they bought here eight years ago. It’s a special place for all of them.”

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