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Best of Halifax

Best Trivia Night

The Board Room Game Cafe

Best Trivia Night
Lenny Mullins

Gold Winner The Board Room Game Cafe

Silver Winner Finbar's Irish Pub, Bedford

Bronze Winner The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse

The best trivia nights consist of which of the following elements?

  1. Ridiculously punny team names that sounded a lot less embarrassing before you had to say them out loud in front of other people.
  2. Questions based around a theme both geeky but not egregiously inaccessible (think Doctor Who 2005, not Doctor Who 1963).
  3. Hosts who can keep the energy up and the contest civil, lest teams tear each other apart over the proper Simpsons quotes.
  4. All of the above.
OK, time’s up. The correct answer is number 4: all of the above. Head down to The Board Room Game Cafe if you got it right. 

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