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Andy Ferrier

Andy loves the fish scales on his hand. Of the considerable artwork on his body—he has no idea how many tats he actually has—the fish scales he had done six or seven years ago are, by far, his favourite. He’s been a tattoo artist for 8 of his 28 years and says his favourite thing about it is the collaboration with the customer. “With tattooing, it’s not an art you’re on your own with. The ideas are brought to you, but you’re working on a living canvas.” And speaking of favourites, Halifax, you’ve chosen Andy as yours. Utility Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio, 5224 Blowers, 420-1348

1st runner-up Kyle, Sin on Skin & Penna Body Piercing, 5239 Blowers, 446-6600

2nd runner-up Merchant Marie’s Tattoo, 152 Portland, 463-9685

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