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Lillian’s Tailor Shop & Dry Cleaners

For the past six months, Lillian’s has been run by Kim Nguyen, who says that the most important thing in this tailor shop, besides making you look spiffy, is the service. More than just taking in a waist or lowering a hem, Lillian’s is also an important part of all those Hallmark life occasions---in the summer, they’re busy making bridesmaid dresses and bridal-gown alterations, in the spring it’s prom. Right now, Nguyen says she’s busy with outfits for keen Christmas party-goers. 1535 Dresden Row, 425-0018

1st runner-up Daniel’s Tailor Shop & Drycleaning, Park Lane Mall, 423-6330

2nd runner-up Elizabeth’s Tailor Shop, 5675 Spring Garden, 429-3623

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