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Best SuperCity Councillor

Howard Epstein

He used to fight city hall as a lawyer in environmental and labour cases. He saw people on the outside spending money and energy trying to reverse bad council decisions, and too often he saw little results. Now Howard Epstein’s fighting from the inside, trying to help council make good decisions in the first place. Running for council was also an opportunity to put his environmental ideals to work on the city’s transportation, garbage and harbour cleanup problems. Epstein first became known to the public as executive director (1991-93) for the Ecology Action Centre. And after only two years he’s making a new name for himself in municipal politics. With amalgamation, Ward 4 disappeared and Epstein found himself re-elected in the new District 14, a territory three times that size, spanning the area from Quinpool Rd to Bayers Rd and Robie St to the Armdale Rotary. In case his busy riding doesn’t occupy him, Epstein sits on eight committees, teaches at Acadia in the fall and Dalhousie in the winter, sits on the national board of Greenpeace Canada and continues his work at the Ecology Action Centre. He still practises law occasionally—when he’s not busy making it. —Tara Wittchen
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