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You’ve come a long way, baby. At least in the fashion shoe department, thanks to KAS Footwear. And those sweet Campers with the pink stitches. And those Steve Maddens... sigh...oh right, when owner Sonia Felix opened KAS two years ago, she brought in lines she knew and personally liked. “A wide array of stuff at different price points,” says staffer Amanda Jonz. Since then, she says that the city’s gone through a sole-ful evolution. “Two years ago, people would come in and say, ‘Oh my god, those are $400 boots!’ but now it’s like ‘Oh yeah, that’s doable.’ Halifax is embracing fashion.” 5475 Spring Garden , 444-7527

1st runner-up Fanatic Footwear, 1475 Lower Water, 422-9728

2nd runner-up Winsbys Shoes, 5504 Spring Garden, 423-7324

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