Best Server 2014 | Morris East, Bedford West | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Server

Morris East, Bedford West

Gold Winner Amber MacLean, Morris East, Bedford

Silver Winner Alissa Maloney, Brooklyn Warehouse

Bronze Winner Moriah Rose, EDNA

“Good service can turn a good meal into a great meal,” says Halifax’s favourite server, Amber MacLean. With 15 years experience in the industry, learning the tricks of the trade from both the kitchen and the front-of-house, she’s passionate about good food and genuine hospitably. That’s what’s helped her win over diners at Morris East for the last five years. “I truly believe that efficient service is the best service,” says MacLean, who now manages the new Bedford location of the restaurant. “I mean asking the proper questions in order to make great suggestions, listening and reading your table’s needs, always clearing the table properly in order to create a comfortable and clean environment. Caring for my customers and anticipating their needs before they do is a focus of mine throughout the night. I really do care about their experience!”

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