Best Server 2013 | Finbar's Irish Pub, Bedford | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Server

Finbar's Irish Pub, Bedford

Gold Winner Shannon Carrigan, Finbar’s Irish Pub

Silver Winner Alexa Atkins, Fid Resto

Bronze Winner Kim Larkin, Darrell’s Restaurant

Something about Finbar’s keeps people coming back and it might have something to do with its servers, who’ve been snagging the title for Best Server for the past few years. Twenty-four-year-old Shannon Carrigan, who’s worked at Finbar’s for two years, knows her clientele on a first-name basis. “Going that extra mile to get to know someone is really simple in a smaller place,” she says.“The table interactions are really special and there’s not a lot of table flipping.” Read: people tend to stick around at this pub. The minute someone steps through the door, Carrigan usually knows what they’ll want to eat and drink. “I love it here,” she adds, and clearly, so do Coast readers.
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