Best Second-hand Clothing Store 2012 | Guy's Frenchys | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Second-hand Clothing Store

Guy's Frenchys

Gold Winner Guy’s Frenchys, Dartmouth

Silver Winner Elsie’s Used Clothing

Bronze Winner Crimson & Clover

Guy’s Frenchy’s has de-throned Elsie’s for gold as Best Second-hand Clothing Store this year, and voters say it’s for one simple reason: “It’s the cheapest!” But Lou Ellis-Browne, manager of Guy’s Dartmouth location, says people keep coming back because “they almost always find a treasure that they weren’t looking for, something that went way beyond what they were looking for.” Selling bric-à-brac as well as clothes, new as well as used, Ellis-Browne says that award-winning shopping experience is thanks to a great staff, a great atmosphere and great finds.

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