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Best Second-Hand Clothing Store

Junk and Foibles

Calling on the busiest time of the year for Junk and Foibles---right before Halloween---it’s madness! “We think zombies are awesome,” says Sarah Dunsworth, who dressed up as a dead bunny (ignore it, PETA members), “but we really like it when people come in with their own creative ideas.” Creativity reigns in this store year-around, as the staff handpicks vintage- and local designer-wear, in sizes for all body types. Dunsworth says that Junk stays away from the foibles of ugly trends. “We always, always ask, is this flattering?” 1533 Barrington, 422-7985

1st runner-up Elsie’s, 1530 Queen, 425-2599

2nd runner-up Lost & Found, 2383 Agricola, 446-5986

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