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Best Salesperson

Jill Strong (Wildflower Clothing)

Strong opened Wildflower when she was 24, eight-and-a-half years ago, and she’s seen her clientele, who remain very loyal to her, change. “I’m listening to them, finding out what they want,” says Strong. “My demographic has shifted.” That means bringing in a line of organic baby clothing and accessories, from swaddle blankets to baby hats and baby shower gifts. Her customers are having children, obviously. “They’re growing with me,” she says. Comfortingly, some things do stay the same at Wildflower: Still very popular are the Hanky Panky one-size-fits-all underwear. 5553 Clyde, 420-0364

1st Runner-up: Dave Howlett, Strange Adventures Comic Bookshop, 5262 Sackville, 425-2140

2nd Runner-up: Johnny Mac, Biscuit General Store, 1661 Argyle, 425-5436

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