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Best of Halifax

Best Rock Artist / Band

Gold Winner Adam Baldwin

Silver Winner The Town Heroes

Bronze Winner Hillsburn

“I always say I never think I give a shit about those things until someone tells me I won ’em, that’s when the ol’ ego wakes up,” Baldwin begins, with a laugh. “But a reader’s poll? That means something to me, that people would take that time to support me here in my hometown, here in Dartmouth and Halifax.” He says 2019 has been busy on the road with Matt Mays, but he still found time to release the Dire Straits-y EP No Rest For The Wicked. “I haven’t played a whole lot of my own shows, but the ones my band and myself played, we really tried to make ’em count,” he says, referencing his almost-sold-out Marquee showcase on October 5. Halifax clearly agrees.

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