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Taz Records, Halifax

For more than 25 years Taz has been a staple of the Halifax music retail scene and has navigated through the rough waters of the changing economy and rise of the internet, which has decimated other outlets. But with vinyl’s resurgence, Taz remains busy to collectors and new music lovers who maybe weren’t around for vinyl’s original run as the go-to music format. They have more than 35,000 LPs, 10,000 CDs and 30,000 seven-inch singles in every genre imaginable.

Taz spins this reader right round. "I have a sworn alliance with this record store. They try their hardest to get in those rare releases you've been craving. The staff is really friendly and helpful, too!"

First Runner-up: Obsolete Records
Second Runner-up: HMV (Spring Garden Road)

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