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Best Retail Clothing (Women)

Biscuit General Store

“Our customers really respond to the lifestyle aesthetic of Biscuit,” says storeowner Wendy Friedman. “We’ve got everything from jeans and casual wear to cocktail dresses—quality pieces that our customers can integrate into their own personal styles. We sell clothes that people want to wear—not clothes that will wear them.” And if you’re not sure just how to wear that new hat, don’t be shy to ask for help. Friedman says that another of her store’s strengths is its staff. “They’re a real cast of characters with a great sense of personal style, so they can really help people put things together.” Overall, it’s about having fun. “I want shopping at Biscuit to be a positive experience, whether you make a purchase or not,” says Friedman. 1661 Argyle, 425-5436

1st runner-up Wildflower Clothing, 5553 Clyde, 420-0364

2nd runner-up Winner’s, Bayer’s Lake

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