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Best Restaurant Outside The Downtown Core

Mexico Lindo, 3635 Dutch Village, 445-0996

Mexico Lindo edged out jane’s for top honours outside downtown. Co-owner Wilson Jenkins cites his wife as the key to the restaurant’s success. “There’s one secret to Mexico Lindo, and that’s Ana’s cooking,” he says. Partner Ana Jimenez Jenkins is from Mexico, and she’s responsible for the culinary side. Not sure how to get there from downtown? Mexico Lindo will be celebrating six years outside the downtown core this May, so hop on the bus and check it out. “The number 4 or 17 will bring you almost right to our front door.”

2nd: jane’s on the common, 2394 Robie, 431-5683

3rd: Vines Pasta Grill, 4 Panavista, 434-4114

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