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Best of Halifax

Best Record Store

Gold Winner Taz Records, Halifax

Silver Winner Obsolete Records

Bronze Winner Taz Records, Dartmouth

It’s a hopping time to be in the vinyl business, and you’re snapping it up in droves all over town, chiefly at Taz’s airy store on Grafton. “The big thing that sets Taz apart is the selection. We have a vast selection, certainly the biggest in Halifax, and people recognize that,” says manager Jimmy Donnelly. But it’s not just records. “One of the more surprising things we’re seeing right now is that tapes are making a comeback,” he says. “We always want Taz to be fresh and exciting, we don’t want the same old titles sitting around. It’s nice that people think we’re the best, we certainly don’t expect it.” As a reward, expect a thank you sale.

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