Best Record Store 2018 | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Record Store

Gold Winner Taz Records, Halifax

Silver Winner Taz Records, Dartmouth

Bronze Winner Obsolete Records

“You can’t come into a record store and leave unhappy,” says Taz Records co-owner Jimmy Donnelly. “You walk in, and you’re in awe.” Donnelly thinks it’s a quality record, book and comics shops share—something about the magnetism of a media collection—not exclusive to Taz. Which makes winning gold in this category that much sweeter. “I’m honoured and humbled,” says Donnelley, clearly meaning it. He thinks about that sense of awe, and how new customers experience it, every time he arrives at the Grafton Street shop. “I try to look at it fresh every day. It’s really nice your readers say we’re the best, but it’s a surprise every year. I think we could be doing better.”

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