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Rosemary Porter

A recognizable name about town due to being both an excellent realtor and her cunning Rosie the Realtor branding, Porter has been watching the local housing market carefully. “The market is steady here,” she says, pointing to a six percent growth in prices in the past year. “There is, of course, a lot of discussion.” She’s optimistic, and doesn’t see any reason to panic, given the market collapse in the United States. “We haven’t seen any huge price bumps, the market hasn’t ‘suffered a correction’ as the mortgage brokers like to call it. Halifax has traditionally been an affordable place to live. And there’s not many investors speculating. People are buying houses and moving into them. So, there’s not this artificial market you see elsewhere.” Royal LePage, 250 Brownlow, 209-7073

1st Runner-up: Steve Patterson, Red Door Realty, 830-1411

2nd Runner-up: Sandra Bryant, Bryant Realty, 830-4545

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