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Best Rainy Day Haven

Empire 17 Cinemas Bayers Lake

It’s hard to beat 18 screens, plus the IMAX. But, we have to wonder. What if it’s raining and you don’t have wheels? An hour on the bus from downtown and an hour back will double your investment of time to see a movie. Isn’t it time the city (or Sobeys-owned Empire Theatres) considered an express shuttle from The Oxford or Park Lane, regularly delivering eager movie-goers to and from Bayers Lake? It would be a great thing, especially on weekends. 190 Chain Lake Drive, 876-4800 Empire 17, Bayers Lake

1st Runner-up: Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library, 5831 Spring Garden, 490-5700

2nd Runner-up: Halifax Shopping Centre, 7001 Mumford Road, 454-8666

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