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Best of Halifax

Best Radio Show

Gold Winner Information Morning, CBC Radio One

Silver Winner Live 105 Morning Show with Jeff and Floyd, Live 105

Bronze Winner Mainstreet, CBC Radio One

Hosts Don Connolly and Louise Renault, sportscaster John Hancock and Guinness Book for World Records holder meteorologist Peter Coade (for his 50-year career, don’t you know) hold it down on the airwaves in the early hours at CBC 90.5FM on your dial. Warm, personable and—as the show’s title would imply—informative, Info Morning fans know that the thought-provoking stories and segments work just as well as a hot cup of coffee. Or they work well in tandem, anyway. Featuring Friday morning weekend entertainment updates from The Coast’s copy chief Tara Thorne, of course they were a shoo-in.
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