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Best of Halifax

Best Pub Food

Henry House

Gold Winner The Henry House Restaurant & Pub

Silver Winner The Old Triangle Irish Ale House

Bronze Winner Your Father’s Moustache

For the third year running, Coast readers have crowned The Henry House as having the Best Pub Food, hands down. From their traditional British grub—hello, steak and mushroom pie—to their fish and chips or burger, you’ll be hard pressed not to find a hearty meal that hits the spot. And hey, if the food hasn’t won you over (is that even possible?) then the atmosphere surely will. When asked what made The Henry House unique in good ol’ pub-packed Halifax, head chef Matthew Dunn says: “Definitely the location. Obviously the house has a lot of history, but on top of that, I think having three separate floors with three different atmospheres is kind of nice.” Amen to that.
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