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Best Political Cartoonist 

Bruce MacKinnon

You try to be funny—and topical—every day, week in, week out, for 20 years. Not only that, but you’ve also got to draw some of the most nuanced caricatures in the country. You try to think of 100 different ways to portray Paul Martin. Not easy, is it? Well, now you know how Bruce MacKinnon, resident uber-cartoonist at the Chronicle Herald, feels. “After 20 years doing the same job, that’s the biggest challenge, is trying to keep it fresh and trying to come up with something new every time,” says MacKinnon. “It seems kind of simplistic, but sometimes you have a muse, and you can’t turn it on or off. When it works for you, you do fresher stuff.”

1st runner-up MIchael DeAdder

2nd runner-up Ray Fenwick


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