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Best Place To Volunteer

Nova Scotia SPCA

Gold Winner Nova Scotia SPCA

Silver Winner IWK Health Centre

Bronze Winner Feed Nova Scotia

Thanks to the power of over 500 animal-loving folks who are generous with both their time and their affection, the Nova Scotia SPCA scores the Best Place To Volunteer yet again. Besides the obvious (hello, fur babies are everything), NS SPCA’s Taylor Mundy says she’s not surprised at all people flock to the organization to help. “I think it’s just because volunteering at the Nova Scotia SPCA is such a rewarding experience. It’s completely fuelled by love,” she says when asked why folks chip in to foster, bottle feed, raise funds or help rescued animals regain their trust for others. “Words alone can’t express how thankful we are for the kindness and compassion of our volunteers. They’re literally saving lives.”
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