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Best Place To Start Your Night

The Economy Shoe Shop

Haligonians looking for a place to start off their night are most likely to head to the Shoe Shop. “We’ve got really good food,” says bar owner Victor Syperek, “and you get a lot of it for a reasonable price.” With a little bit of nosh under your belt, you can soak in the casual ambience, have a drink or two, and gear up for the night. Chances are you’ll bump into someone you know who’s doing the same thing. “This is a great place to meet people,” says Syperek. With food, drinks and friends all in the same place, it’s a bit of a wonder anyone ever leaves. 1663 Argyle, 423-7463

1st runner-up Bitter End, 1572 Argyle, 425-3039

2nd runner-up Lower Deck, Historic Properties, 425-1501

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