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Best of Halifax

Best Place To Go Swimming

Canada Games Centre

Gold Winner Canada Games Centre

Silver Winner Long Lake Provincial Park

Bronze Winner Chocolate Lake

The CGC has pools for days, guys, hence why readers once again picked it as the golden god over all of the city’s bragworthy lakes and beaches. Nature be damned. Here’s why: You can brush up on your breaststroke in the eight-lane competition sized pool, bob like a seagull in the leisure pool, spritz your wee babe in the toddler pool, make like a human cannonball in one of the waterslides, practice your form on the diving boards, bounce your butt to an Aquafit class or take a load off in the hot tub. It’s a lot to choose from, but it sure beats counting down the days till summer, when you’ll be catching rays on a rock at Long Lake.

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