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Best Place to Dumpster Dive

Tim Hortons

What is it with everyone? Just can’t get enough Timbits? The number one place to dive, according to Coast readers, is Tim Hortons. No doubt that’s partly due to ReadyMade magazine freaks constructing furniture out of tossed doughnut boxes, plus the really busy season: the annual Roll-Up-The-Rim contest. After all, you can’t win if you don’t play. Actually, an anonymous Tim’s store manager, wishing for witness protection, says, “It’s because of the big cartons. They’re great as moving boxes.” The Fancy Lebanese Bakery gets a well-deserved second place; they leave out day-old pita for the less flush among us.

1st runner-up Fancy Lebanese Bakery, 2573 Agricola, 429-0400

2nd runner-up South end Halifax

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