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Best Place to Dance

Best Place to Dance

Gold Winner The Seahorse Tavern

Silver Winner Boomers

Bronze Winner Pacifico

There’s never a weekend you can’t dance at the Seahorse, and that’s just the way the bar’s promoter/booker Jeff Pineau envisioned it. “There’s a consistency of awesome parties between Home Bass, The Mellotones, The Jam, Retro Night and ’90s night,” he says of the regular lineup of events, which includes local party-starting DJs and your Best Cover Band and Best Band To Dance To. “There were always those things happening but they were based around band schedules. I was like, let’s do them every Saturday so you don’t have to think about it.” Reliable and reliably packed with sweat-soaked Haligonians shaking it to throwback tracks and killer mixes, this legendary bar has a legendary dance floor.

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