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Best Place For A First Date

La Cave

Twenty years at its subterranean Blowers Street location, with win after win in this category, what was it that gave La Cave its dark stranglehold on new romance? Was it the dim lighting that made it hard to notice your date’s hideous disfigurement, or the serpentine layout that thwarted an early bailout if you did? Let’s hope it was the famous cheesecake, for La Cave has upped stakes for a new location at 5688 Spring Garden and that’s the only thing it’s taking along. Owner Jason Murphy promises that with the dark, cool wine bar, the more formal dining room, the funky downstairs lounge, and cheesecake for all, you won’t miss the Cask-of-Amontillado ambience of the old location. 5244 Blowers, 429-3551

1st runner-up: Economy Shoe Shop, 1663 Argyle

2nd runner-up: Fireside, 1500 Brunswick

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