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Best of Halifax

Best Photographer

Gold Winner Applehead Studio

Silver Winner Jack Scrine

Bronze Winner Stoo Metz

Passion plays a huge part in the real, and really beautiful, shots that Applehead Studio is known for capturing. “We’re making the photographs your grandchildren will pin on their wedding bouquet, in a tiny locket, 50 years from now,” says Liam Hennessey, humbly appreciative for this gold award. “We’re capturing raw and honest moments that won’t reach their maturity date for years and nobody cares more about these photographs than we do...I’m talking ‘nervous puking behind the van before the shoot’ kind of caring.” Snapping the most important moments of your wedding day, and the moments you didn’t think were important until you saw them on film, Hennessey and his talented team love every second of what they do. “From Omar the bartender to Oma the grandmother, we’re truly honoured to work for the clients and friends we’ve made doing what we love and never, ever compromising.”

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