Best Patio 2016 | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Patio

Gold Winner and Hall of Fame Inductee Your Father’s Moustache

Silver Winner Gahan House

Bronze Winner Stillwell Beergarden

Editor's note: With its latest Best Patio win in 2016, YFM was elevated to the Best of Halifax Hall of Fame.

Look up. Wayyyyy up above Spring Garden Road and you’ll find the patio pinnacle that’s ruled the readers’ votes for 17 freaking years—long enough, and then some, to earn it a VIP seat in the Best of Halifax Hall of Fame and if it were a person, a high school diploma. So, how has Your Father’s Moustache’s rooftop been on fire for so long? Because all it takes is a couple of sets of stairs you’re transported off the busy stretch to a place where the beer’s always cold, the sun’s always (OK, usually) shining, the pub club sandwiches are just as you remembered them and a summer afternoon disappears with a single blink. That is, if you can score a seat.

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