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Best Other Ethnic

Baan Thai, 1569 Dresden Row, 446-4301

“Go for the fish. Stay for the fish,” says a Baan Thai regular. “Five Flame Fish is a wonderful dish—a whole crispy fish with incredible hot chili sauce. The shrimp chips are ordinary, but dunk them in the peanut dipping sauce they come with and you’ll think you’re in heaven.” Last year’s winner of Best New Restaurant stays a winner with Five Flame Fish and other favourites like pad Thai and green or red curry. Victor and Sue Woo ran Thai Chili House (on Blowers Street) nicely and now run the bigger Baan Thai. It’s an all-round good experience—imported Thai decor, excellent service and you know it’s the real deal because they speak Thai in the kitchen.

Runner-up: Taj Mahal, 5175 South, 492-8251

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