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Ocean Optometry

Gold Winner and Hall of Fame Inductee Ocean Optometry

Silver Winner Gaudet Optical

Bronze Winner Lang Optometry

Editor's note: With its latest Best Optical Store win in 2015, Ocean was elevated to the Best of Halifax Hall of Fame.

“They should complement someone, be part of the personality not a dominating feature,” says Dr. Euan McGinty of what makes a good pair of specs. Ocean Optometry, and its eye-catching window displays, works to hit all ends of the glasses spectrum—from exotic to classic—keeping it indie, always. That means chances are no one else in Halifax has the pair you're peeping on. This year Ocean takes over the throne from veteran expert—and now Hall of Famer—Gaudet Optical, who owned this category for the last 10 years. And McGinty says that’s humbling. “We just do what we do and we enjoy doing what we do. Just being human, accessible and not afraid being afraid to share our opinions.”

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