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Best of Halifax

Best New Bar

Vinyl Retro Dance Lounge

Best New Bar
Alexa Cude

Gold Winner Chain Yard Urban Cidery

Silver Winner Vinyl Retro Dance Lounge

Bronze Winner The Rooftop

“We knew we wanted to be in the north end because we feel like it’s sort of the culinary, craft hub of Halifax,” says Chain Yard’s Michael Lim of the past year on Agricola Street. The cidery, bar and restaurant (Unchained Kitchen) has become a hub in its own right since opening, thanks to not just the fruits of its labour (get it? apples?) but the vibe, too. “It’s been a little bit more than we’ve expected at the tap room,” says Lim. “It’s the welcoming atmosphere. We hired people we thought would be great at being able to talk to guests, to make them feel comfortable.”

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