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Best Musical Instrument Store


Over the past year, you may have noticed changes at your favourite musical instrument store, both inside and out. “The exterior tiled wall had become an interesting blackboard for taggers,” says Musicstop manager John Parker. Staying one step ahead of the Sharpies, the store commissioned an artist to create a mural that brings visual music to the street. Inside, the facelift, completed without closing, includes new stage lighting that looks amazing at night. Parker says, “The store really needed renovations, now it’s better for both the staff and customers.” Watch for the grand re-opening. 6065 Cunard, 496-6900

1st runner-up Buckley’s Music, 6206-6208 Quinpool, 429-1010

2nd runner-up Halifax Folklore Centre, 1528 Brunswick, 423-7946

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