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Best of Halifax

Best Museum

Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History

Gold Winner Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History

Silver Winner Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Bronze Winner Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Best Museum

Longevity is the key to success at the once-again gold-winning Museum of Natural History. Between its roots—which trace back to 1868 on Hollis Street—and its long-living live exhibition Gus the 93-year-old tortoise, being home to Carbon Arc Cinema and special events like Halifax Food Truck Parties, it’s got fans that span generations and levels of nerdery. “There are lots of great museums in the city, but just looking at composition of visitors we get a lot more people from Halifax that visit instead of tourist visitors,” says the museum’s Jeff Gray of what makes it the city’s fave. “We’re on a first name basis with a lot of parents and kids, there’s that sort of connection.”

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