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Best Milkshake

Darrell's Restaurant

Gold Winner Darrell’s

Silver Winner Sugar Shok

Bronze Winner The Chickenburger

Best Milkshake
Samson Learn
Chocolate Peanut Butter milkshake = heaven

This south-end shake shack had been bringing all the boys and girls to its yard with the city’s favourite milkshake for the last seven years. It’s a frosted treat that’s lact-oh-so-good. Sure, the unadventurous can suck back a traditional chocolate or strawberry, but the real shake fanatics should strap themselves in for a flavour experience when ordering up any of Darrell’s creative milkshake concoction like cranberry, chai or creamsicle. Warning! The chocolate-peanut butter milkshake is so freaking good you’ll probably want to bathe in it. Please don’t. It’s a terrible mess for staff to clean.

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