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Todd's South End Car Care

Gold Winner Todd’s Southend Car Care

Silver Winner Harrington’s VW Parts & Service

Bronze Winner Craig Pickrem’s Garage

Readers give different reasons for voting Todd’s Southend Car Care the best. “Friendly, fast, efficient,” is one comment. “Always great service,” is another. “I have taken my car there for years,” writes a third, “Chris is so sweet!” Derrick Munro runs the show at Todd’s, and his guess is that vote must’ve come from Chris’s wife. Munro started at Todd’s quite a few years ago, when it was still a Texaco station and there were five more gas-and-service shops nearby. Now those other places are out of business, and Todd’s doesn’t sell gas anymore, but it will do everything else to keep your car running smoothly. “You can’t stay in business just doing brakes and tune-ups,” says Munro. The shop keeps up with developments in car technology to be able to handle the gamut from changing windshield wipers to changing an engine. “Today, it’s too expensive to guess. When a part costs $500, you’ve gotta be accurate.” As a matter of accuracy, Munro checks with his colleague Chris about the flattering comment. “Chris says his wife wouldn’t call him sweet, so it wasn’t her.”
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