Best Martini 2013 | The Fireside Restaurant | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Martini

The Fireside Restaurant

Gold Winner The Fireside Bar/Restaurant

Silver Winner Bitter End

Bronze Winner Onyx

The Fireside has earned its spot at the top of the podium for it’s creative martini concoctions. With 22 delicious options, it’s sure to have a martini for you. From the mint-chocolate-flavoured After 8 to the fruitier (and very cleverly named) Tequila Mockingbird, there’s no shortage of boozy bliss here. At that’s not all –—if you head to The Fireside on a Monday, all of these glorious two-ounce martini choices are only five bucks. Best be careful though—if you get too carried away at martini night, this Best Martini title could turn into Best Recipe For A Hangover.
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