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Best Male Solo Artist

Joel Plaskett

Plaskett just got back into town from a tour with his three-piece, The Emergency. Three is in the rearview, with new songs being written right now, with recording planned for the fall. “I’m going to try and turn it around really quickly,” says Plaskett. “I want this one to be 10-12 songs, kinda lean... let it roll and not get too hung up on perfection. I want it to be as in-the-moment as I can make it. Three had a degree of that but it also had a lot of premeditation in the sequencing and concept.” We’ll get new music from Plaskett before then in the form of a split 7” with Shotgun Jimmie put out on Plaskett’s label New Scotland. (Jimmie’s song is called “That’s Not Joel” and Plaskett’s song is “Jimmie’s Still Jimmie.”) Plus, there’ll be a vinyl release of Truthfully Truthfully and he’s putting together a rarities and b-sides collection, full of alternate recordings Plaskett says might be better than the ones that showed up on the album. It’s called, and a deep breath here, Emergencies, false-alarms, shipwrecks, cast-aways, fragile creatures, special features, demons and demonstrations 1999-2010. Also look out for a new Sarah Slean double disc, with songs produced by Plaskett.

1st Runner-up Quake

2nd Runner-up Ryan MacGrath

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